Book Review of: Practicing Conscious Living and Dying. Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness by Annamaria Hemingway

At first glance, the cover of this book and the title comes across as being quite serious and academic, but it is nothing of the sort!

Anna Marie Hemingway has done extensive research on life after death, near death experiences (NDE) and out of body experiences (OBE), which are broken down in this book into real life stories and explanations of these experiences.

She herself is an ordained minister and spiritual counsellor.

For me, Annamaria's main theme in this book is to live life now in the sure knowledge that one's spirit or essence continues on after physical death, in another (after) life.

All of the fascinating and well-told personal accounts of NDE's and OBE's speak of a feeling of 'coming home' when out of the physical body and a state of total bliss, with a reluctance to return to the physical world.

These people speak of life reviews, meeting divine beings and being told the secrets of life and other information before returning to live out the rest of their physical lives. Everyone of them continue living after one of these experiences with renewed joy and enthusiasm and a real drive for learning/teaching/healing and generally passing on the message that our physical lives, when they end, are just the beginning of incredible journey.

There are also stories of people, who, through losing someone, are feeling reconnected to their life's purpose, knowing that their loved ones are still very much with them and inspiring them in their daily lives.

The fact that the experiences recounted in Annamaria's book are real and very personal, made for riveting reading and gives one much to think about. I found it hard to put down!

A very inspiring book, not only for those searching for deeper meaning in their lives, but also for those of us who have lost loved ones and are seeking reassurance that life does indeed continue after death. I'll leave you with one of the comments from the book: 

"This is a glorious book. A science of immortality is in the making and Annamaria Hemingway is one of its architects."

I would definitely recommend it and rate it:

Rating: 9/10

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