Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel

picture of a haunted cemetery

Ghostopolis is the new novel from author Doug TenNapel and he promises it will be intriguing, mysterious and quite lengthy.

The story revolves around a man named Frank Gallows who is employed as an agent by the US Government's Supernatural Immigration Task Force.

Sounds great so far!

He works to send spirits and entities who have escaped into our world back to Ghostopolis – where they belong.

When a living and breathing young boy named Garth Hale accidentally ends up there, the agent pairs up with a female spirit (and his former girlfriend) to find the young boy and bring him back to his own dimension.

Garth is in serious trouble as he has powers that the dead don't have and the wicked ruler of this dark world has big plans for him!

Ghostopolis, a graphic novel


The novel is due out later this year and you can bet that the team here at Moonslipper will be one of the first in the queue to buy it!

A movie deal may be already in the works for the book with Hugh Jackman tentatively penciled in for the role of the agent. Depending how dark and bizarre the book turns out to be, it may not be suitable for adaptation to the big screen.

We await the novel with anticipation!

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