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This month I thought you might need a reminder to be sure to build moments of delight into your days. You're doing that, right?

A Reminder to Make Yourself Happy with Everyday Pleasures

On the topic of blissful living, have you been consciously adding little pleasures to your life? Or have you been so busy doing for your family and your job that joy is lacking in your life?

In case it's the latter, here's a list of things you can do to make your days a little happier.

While you're in the shower or commuting to your job, think of 3 simple things that give you pleasure. I didn't want to stress you more than 3, but if you think of more, that's even better.

I'll give you a few of mine to get you started.

  • My top simple pleasure is ice cream. Since I was a small child, ice cream has always made me happy. To avoid getting too many calories, an ice cream cone is all it takes, even though I would love a hot fudge brownie delight one of these days.

    This simple pleasure especially good if I've been doing a lot for other people. It feels like a secret indulgence to zip into a drive-through for a cone that no one else knows about. And I don't feel guilty about not offering to pick up something for others - I've done enough already, this is just for me!
  • Another everyday pleasure that's just for me is a long soak in a mineral bath. Magnesium salts are good for you! Or you could opt for a fragrant bubble bath, vanilla is my favorite. Just make sure it is something with natural scents and not artificial fragrance.
  • My third example is spending time outside watching and listening to nature with a cup of mint tea. The best time for me is in the morning when no one else is around and it isn't too hot yet (it's July as I write this.) We get bunnies, squirrels, and the chattiest birds you've ever heard in our back yard.

There's just something about the being surrounded by blue sky and green trees and grass that soothes the soul.

If your back yard has a view of houses, find a park somewhere along your daily travels where you can stop in for short visits. And don't touch your phone while you're there!

More Ideas for Everyday Pleasures

cut flowers in a vase
  • Putter with plants - plant something new, repot an old favorite, or trim a long neglected garden. Working with your hands and playing with dirt can be very therapeutic.

    If that's not your thing, treat yourself to a large bouquet of flowers. Put them where you'll see them often.
  • Play games with a child, whether it's UNO or hide and seek, you'll both have fun. Just stop everything else you were doing and be in the moment together. Be silly, too.
  • Revisit an old hobby. Get a nice new box of crayons and a coloring book, or a pad of paper and watercolor set. Dig out an abandoned knitting or sewing project and finish it. Or just go out and browse and daydream about a new hobby at the craft store.
  • Hit the sofa with a good book and do nothing for a few hours.
  • If your budget allows a splurge now and then, go for a massage, a Reiki session, or a psychic reading. Whatever self-indulgent treat you're in the mood for.

Try to fit in moments of pleasure at least 3 times each week, if not daily. For every 5 things you do for others, do one for yourself, even if it's just stopping for a cup of tea.

Be Happy!

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