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Have you heard any interesting Paranormal News that you think we'd all love to read about? This is where you can submit your news article and share it with Moonslipper's readers.

We'll add any paranormal news story you let us know about and we'll provide a place for our Moonslipper visitors to comment as well.

Paranormal News from Readers

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"Leave Me Alone" 
It was hot on the second floor of my apartment, so I decided to nap on the first floor where it was cool. I was 3 minutes into my nap when I was shook …

There is Good and Evil in this world!! 
I made some changes in my life and I am sure they are the right ones. Through my years of growing up I was raised in the belief through my Eskimo Heritage …

The BlueFaced Demon of Old Cedarhurst Cemetery 
This pic was taken in a 200 year old cemetery in La Porte Texas. Old Cedarhurst Cemetery is literally disintegrating into the bayou. There have been …

Saintly Ghost 
(From Mt. Druitt Standard - by Nikolaos Stavrou) It’s a story likely to confirm whether you’re a true believer or a true sceptic. Twins Phil and …

Ghost Mystery 
From the Edinburgh Evening News by Mark McLaughlin WHILE visiting a friend in hospital, a woman suddenly finds herself transported to a beautiful garden …

Hello Ghost Not rated yet
Just caught the following article, courtesy of Jane Hamilton of The Sun newspaper in the UK: GHOSTS are trying to make contact with living friends …

ghost tales Not rated yet
Well, there was this figure of a little girl, about 5 years old at my house. She kept showing up and asking me all sorts of questions. She didn't …

Ghost Hunters in Ireland Not rated yet
Good story I picked up on the web: Ghost hunters flock to tiny village after dozens of locals are spooked by mysterious 'white lady' By Arthur Martin of …

Mysterious Crystal Skull Not rated yet
Rare crystal skull comes to Carmel By DENNIS TAYLOR Monterey Herald Staff Writer The largest of 13 legendary crystal skulls, considered by some …

Psychic Predictions 2009 Not rated yet
2009 Predictions - - Please keep in mind all predictions are subject to intrepretation as well as free will. In addition, timing …

Oak Island Mystery Not rated yet
Cree Code Breaker and The Oak Island Mystery By Brent Raynes Keith Ranville of Vancouver, British Columbia, is a Cree Indian who was born in Winnipeg. …

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    It was hot on the second floor of my apartment, so I decided to nap on the first floor where it was cool. I was 3 minutes into my nap when I was shook

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