Paranormal Blog - April 2007

Nursery School Stress

Our case last month involved a nursery school that was being badly affected by leylines and geopathic stress.

Rose, a nursery school owner and teacher, had been researching leylines and the effects of geopathic stress on the internet and had come across Moonslipper. She suspected her little school, with only 15 pupils, was suffering from harmful geopathic stress, and being very concerned for the children, asked us to look into it for her.

Rose described how their plant project, situated in the top right corner of the classroom as you entered, was full of sickly seedlings and seeds that just didn't germinate at all. There was also a goldfish bowl in the area and unfortunately the fish never survived very long, despite being well cared for.

Also, the children who sat in the lower right area tended to be sleepier than the rest of the class and looking over her records, Rose found that these children tended to be sick more than anyone else in the class. One of the little girls often complained that her head 'hurt'. 

I psychicly scanned the building after being sent a drawing of the layout. Using dowsing as well, I found a very wide leyline diagonally crossing the classroom, entering through the main door and exiting out the top right corner. On a negativity scale of 1 to 10, it rated a 9, very nearly the worst rating. The sleepy children were sitting right on the edge of the line, and due to it's strong and harmful energy, they were being badly affected. It was obvious this was the reason why the plants and fish weren't thriving there.

I prefer to relocate leylines to a nearby water source as this is the safest option, especially for such a negative line as this one. Rosie emailed me, detailing the location of a nearby river. I easily relocated the leyline there. I then completely cleared the nursery school of any residual negative energy, ensuring I placed a strong psychic protection around the area also. 

I heard from Rose a couple of weeks later, who was amazed that the seeds she'd planted day of the clearing and relocation had come up, no problem! They haven't yet replaced their goldfish, but plan to do so soon. She also reported that the children who sit in that area are a lot brighter and much more talkative and that's it's actually difficult to get them to take their morning nap! The effects of negative leylines and geopathic stress should never be underestimated.

Until next month,
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