Paranormal Blog April 2008

Laughing Joe

We had a case last week that was really terrific – it involved a fellow paranormal enthusiast and a friendly old ghost called Joe.

We've known Kieran a few years as he has a keen interest in the paranormal and also lives in a house which has occasional spooky activity.

Normally he enjoys investigating any happenings and has never felt frightened, but for the last few weeks, he knew something had changed.

Everyone's sleep was being badly affected with nightmares and frequent wakings – a common experience that we are seeing more and more on jobs.

Kieran contacted us after he heard someone speaking and laughing – when he was on his own.

He explained that the family were out and he was working in the garden around dusk. He stood up and was gathering his thoughts when he heard a deep, male laugh.

It really startled him as they live in a remote location and it was unlikely that anyone would have gotten in unseen. As it came from the direction of the kitchen door, Kieran first investigated there and then went through the entire house to make sure no one was there and that there wasn't a TV switched on.

As he was coming back downstairs he heard muffled talking at the kitchen door.

Yet again, no one was there.

Kieran knew that the older man who had originally owned the house was called Joe and even though he had passed away almost 40 years ago, he had been seen around the house by local people, before Kieran and his family had moved in and renovated the house.

Feeling brave, Kieran called out, asking that if this was Joe, could he make a loud noise. Almost immediately, it sounded like a cup had fallen over in one of the cupboards and as Kieran says himself, he ran out of the kitchen at the speed of light!

I decided to call over to him one evening, at dusk, to see if I could find out what was going on. Kieran explained that he always felt the older previous owner had been around, seeing glimpses of someone and the odd shadow, but it never bothered him.

He confessed that the recent activities, in particular the laugh, gave him the chills.

Kieran had sent the family out for our investigation, ensuring that it was just the two of us there. We sat quietly in the kitchen with a cup of tea, listening to the silence around us. After a half hour, we decided to walk around to the front of the house and as we moved towards the hall, we both heard the deep, hearty laugh, almost like it was an echo.

We froze!

It was so distinct and very exciting to hear. We rushed back to the kitchen but nothing (or no one) was there. I asked Kieran if he'd like me to try and connect with Joe, to see what was going on. He thought this was an excellent idea, so I tried to establish contact with him.

Joe came across as a very good natured soul, always smiling and laughing, but then showed there was a sad side to him as well. Joe communicated to me that he loved his house and had never crossed over as he felt he would miss it too much.

But now he was feeling lonely and missing his family, who were all on the other side.

It was wonderful to help him move on and as I did so you could feel the room brighten slightly in the evening light. As well as the laughing and muffled voices, Joe had been trying to communicate with the family during their sleep time, hence the dreams and unsettled nights. It was obviously his way of reaching out for help.

So far, Kieran's home has settled back down and everyone is sleeping better. But he does confess to missing his friendly old ghost just a little bit.

Until next month,
26th April 2008

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