The Haunted Trunk

An old leather travelling trunk, covered with faded old travel stickers, picked up for a bargain price at an auction - sounds terrific!

Linda in London emailed us in July describing a curious situation and one that she felt she couldn't discuss with anyone - it sounded ridiculous. She had bought a lovely old leather trunk, probably dating from the early 1900's at an auction outside London a couple of weeks previously. She had a spot for it in her hall and after cleaning it out and polishing it, had placed it there.

A couple of days later, Linda and her husband started noticing a strong tobacco smell in the evenings as they sat in the living room. They also noticed their little terrier dog watching something unseen moving along the ceiling. The smell would only last for a few minutes and then disappear. After happening four nights in a row, Linda began to feel uneasy and felt that they might have a ghost in the house.

After the first few days of activity, things seem to intensify with lights occasionally flickering and their dog growling at the ceiling. Up to this point, the experiences had been confined to just the living room. But when Linda awoke a couple of nights later to feel someone sitting on the end of their bed and to then just make out a dark figure, she knew she had to act quickly and that's when she contacted Moonslipper.

Linda had been very frightened by the apparition and even though her husband didn't see it, he could feel that there was some kind of intrusive energy in the house. Thinking back on what had changed over the last week, her thoughts settled on the vintage trunk and she suggested to me that some kind of energy or ghost had come in with it. I hadn't heard of such definitive activities being associated with an object before, and I was happy to check it out for them by distance.

She sent me the layout of her home in addition to a photo of the trunk. I found one large leyline passing by the front of her house, but it was neutral and unlikely to cause any harm. There were however two spirits in the house; one had been there for quite a while and was harmless and the other was indeed attached to the trunk. It was a male, not entirely pleasant and I wasn't sure if he was a previous owner of the trunk or had just come in with the item from the auction. Auctions of old memorabilia and furniture are notorious gathering places for ghosts and spirits of all types! This entity was a bit resistant to being moved on and took a bit of persuading to leave Linda and her husband in peace. The other spirit, also male, moved across easily. I then protected and cleared the house and trunk. As Linda lives in London, I also gave her some tips and advice on how she could ensure her own house stayed ghost free in such a paranormally active and populated city as London.

We got an email at the beginning of August from Linda who reports no further unusual smells or happenings in her home and the trunk still has pride of place in the hall - with no spooky attachments!

Until next month,
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