Paranormal Blog - February 2007

Help for the Hunters

We were absolutely delighted to help out a fellow paranormal group last month, who ran into a bit of ghostly trouble on an investigation.

This small team, comprised of five members, is based about an hour from us and a mutual friend suggested they contact us.

They had been on a two night investigation at an ancient church and adjoining graveyard, when the trouble began for one of their members.

This location had a long and violent history and there were many local eye-witness accounts of strange lights over the church and graveyard, also sounds of chanting and dark figures seen at dusk regularly.

The group had brought digital cameras, video and infrared equipment and EVP recorders to take in any events that might take place.

The first night was very eventful with fantastic orbs caught on camera and some extraordinary EVP recordings that sounded like murmuring. They all enjoyed the night tremendously, but as they arrived for the second vigil, the atmosphere had a more sinister air and apprehension began to set in.

John (not his real name) who was in charge of the EVP equipment, began to feel sick and quite shivery after being there for a couple of hours. Flashlights began to fail and batteries in the video cameras appeared to be draining quickly. The group were becoming concerned and when they couldn't find John, they decided to find him quickly and then leave – immediately.

They spread out over the church and grounds and found him crouched behind a headstone, trembling and very pale. To this day, he can't remember how or why he ended up there. The next couple of days John appeared to have a flu-like illness, but also said he felt very depressed and anxious.

The group then contacted us to see if some paranormal phenomena had happened to him – they were very concerned as he seemed to literally be a different person.

I decided to psychic-ly scan him by distance – there was no need to meet up. What I found was very unusual! John had the spirit of a man attached to him – I couldn't tell if it had a connection to the church – but this spirit was very distraught and was hoping John would bring him 'to the Light'.

This type of attachment is rare – I've only run across it a couple of times since being involved in this work. I simply cleared him from John as I clear spirits or ghosts from a premises. Because the spirit was so upset, I communicated with him what I was going to do to help him, which calmed the spirit considerably. He moved on very peacefully and easily.

I also cleared John again of any residual negativity or energy and psychic-ly protected him. I asked him to take it very easy for the rest of the day.

Having a psychic attachment is extremely draining both mentally and physically, and care needs to be taken. I also advised John to have a check-up with his doctor to make sure he was in good health and for his own peace of mind.

I contacted the group and John a week later and was relieved to hear that he is back to his old self and feeling absolutely fine. He said that he slept 'like the dead' for two days after the clearing and felt totally recovered.

The group is going to take special care in future investigations to protect themselves mentally, physically and psychic-ly. 

Until next month,
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