Haunted Cemetery

We got an email from Rachel in New England asking for help with a onslaught of paranormal problems she was having in her Victorian bed and breakfast.

The incidents had only been happening in the last six months and were very intense and seemingly getting more so with each passing week.

Bedclothes were being pulled off guest's beds as they slept. The noise of someone stomping along the hall and knocking on bedroom doors was also a regular occurrence. Within the past two weeks, there was also an alarming smell of fire along with the sound of an unseen bell.

Rachel was at her wit's end and feeling very frightened. A guest had cut short their stay the previous week due to the activity in the house and Rachel was afraid she would lose all her guests!

She asked me to do a scan on the house by distance to check for ghosts, energies and leylines and duly sent on a diagram of the lay out of the bed and breakfast for me to study.

The minute I tuned into the bed and breaksfast I could see a woman in a long white apron rushing around the house, almost in a crazed manner. As I looked more closely, I could see she was trying to rearrange furniture and tidy items away in a hurried fashion. There was also the spirit of a man in the home, but he kept mostly in the background and didn't appear to be active.

There were no leylines, vortices or geopathic stress affecting the property, which was good news. I don't advocate trying to communicate with spirits unless the entity specifically wishes to talk, or needs help in understanding their situation. This woman's spirit was buzzing about so fast there was no way I could talk with her and Rachel just asked that she and the other male spirit be helped to cross over, which I did very easily.

I then cleared the house psychic-ly and put a strong protection and energy around the property so that anyone coming in would immediately feel at ease and relaxed.

Rachel reported to us a few days later that the activity had immediately ceased, with no further incidents and she was feeling much happier about her home and future business.

Until next month,
24th February 2009

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