Our latest investigation in Ireland

The majority of our spirit clearing work is done by distance and is not here in Ireland.

But a couple of weeks ago we had a local case in County Wicklow, which was really interesting and quite similar to another we had years ago.

We'll keep the personal details sparse as the family in question requested total confidentiality with the exception of relaying the basic details of the story on Moonslipper.

Prolonged, aggressive paranormal activity is very unusual and we decided to visit this house and family, in person, to find out what was going on.

They had been having problems for several months after finishing extensive renovations on their house, which predated 1850. This is quite common as building work can stir up resident ghosts and spirits – it's as if they are unsettled by their familiar surroundings being changed. With two children under 12, the frightening activity was beginning to take it's toll on everyone.

They phoned us with the harrowing details. Screaming voices in the middle of the night, chairs flying across rooms, light bulbs blowing, dark shadowy shapes appearing at the end of the children's beds and a strange, red, sticky substance trickling down the wall of their living room which looked chillingly like blood.

The living room was the first place we were shown to and we were stunned to see the beautiful wallpaper they had only just put up stained by a rusty red substance running down the wall. They had had their builders back in to investigate but the cause of this strange substance remains a mystery. It had also been accompanied by a foul odour which disappeared after a couple of hours. The room was also icy cold and quite dark, despite the day being mild and sunny. The family reported that no one ever stayed in the room, as it felt as if one was being watched and the atmosphere became very heavy and oppressive.

The family was very emotional about the situation as they were very disturbed and frightened by what was going on in their home. Bedtime had become a nightmare as the activity would escalate then, in particular the furniture moving around on it's own and the shrieking female voice.

At this point, we started to go upstairs when we actually heard a faint scream from a distant upstairs room. This seemed to be the last straw for the couple, as the mother began to cry and we felt it was best if they left us on our own to explore the rest of the house .The children were away for the afternoon.

We could literally feel a heaviness in the air at the top of the stairs and Brian actually saw a figure run by the banister as we approached the landing. As we entered the master bedroom we could see a chair overturned in the middle of the room. Behind us, the floor boards were creaking even though the two of us were standing still. It was definitely time to find out who was here and what was going on.

We went back downstairs to the kitchen and scanned the property, room by room. We found a total of 3 spirits, 2 male and 1 female and a dark, negative entity in the living room which definitely wasn't human. There was also a small leyline crossing east to west in the back garden, which wasn't causing any harm. All of the spirits were unpleasant and the female ghost was very angry and resistant to crossing over. We felt her death had been violent and sudden and she was feeling very confused and frightened. We were able to clear the spirits after about an hour and then turned our attention to the dark entity, which had been flying around the house, trying to avoid us. We managed to contain it in a small utility room downstairs and eventually cleared it from the house, but it was very challenging.

After psychicly clearing the house of all residual negative energy, we then smudged the house with frankincense, walking around with the owners who had calmed down considerably at this stage.

We phoned them after a few days to check in and were delighted to hear that the house was completely free of all strange noises and activity. They had re-papered their living room and reported that since the clearing, everyone was spending a lot of time in there again as the atmosphere was positive, peaceful and happy. It was a brilliant investigation for us and we look forward to more 'on-location' jobs!

Until next month,
28th February 2010.

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