Paranormal Blog - January 2007

Ghost in the Attic

Towards the middle of December I was asked to do a distant spirit clearing job for a client in the US.

Emma (not her real name) had contacted us in a very agitated state about her apartment which she felt was haunted. She had only lived there for 4 months, but after the first week had felt uncomfortable and as if she was being watched. The oppressive feeling continued over the next few weeks, with a strange floral scent appearing disappearing randomly, dragging footsteps being heard and doorknobs rattling.

The final straw had come when she woke up one night feeling like she was being suffocated, as if a heavy weight was sitting on top of her. All of the paranormal activity took place at night. Being on the top floor of an old Victorian house, Emma was aware of an attic space felt above her and had a creepy feeling the entity originated there.

Her nerves were frayed and when she contacted us, she had been staying with a colleague for the past few days as she was too frightened to sleep at her apartment. Emma asked us to check the situation out and clear the apartment.

I psychic-ly scanned her apartment and could feel the uneasy cold atmosphere, even by distance. I didn't find any ghosts or entities in her apartment but, as she had guessed, there was a strong oppressive presence above the space, in the attic.

As I went up into the attic I actually become very light-headed, so I stopped, brought in more protection, and carried on. Spirits and entities which are reluctant to be cleared or disturbed can strongly affect the energy of anyone attempting to move them, inducing such symptoms as dizziness, nausea, panic, aches and pains.

The energy in the attic was dense and depressing, but not negative. The spirit was male and appeared to be in a very dejected and helpless state. When I ask how long he had been in the attic, he showed me an image of himself in an early 1900's uniform of some sort, which was very sad.

I explained that Emma had been very frightened by his presence and he got very upset, saying he was sorry, he was just trying to get help. I asked him no more questions as he was very distressed. He was able to cross over easily and I have to say it was very moving, I felt great that I had been able to help him. I psychic-ly cleansed and protected the apartment then and it felt much lighter.

After relating the details to Emma about her ghostly guest, she was very relieved to hear he was gone.

A few days later Emma emailed me to say that initially she was still apprehensive about staying the night there – which was understandable! But she took the plunge and says the apartment feels light, cosy and empty of any ghosts. And she is sleeping soundly.

It was a very rewarding job.

Until next month,
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