The Spooky Room

We've all heard about people who have rooms in their house that no one uses or spends much time in – they're not comfortable, they're chilly or they don't feel 'right'.

We had a case in early November where our client's house in Arizona had one large room that was sitting empty because everyone refused to go in it!

Sal sent us an email asking for help with her new house in Arizona, it was only a year old, but the whole family felt the large library/study was haunted. She explained that no matter how many lights they switched on it was always dark, particularly in one corner. It was also prone to cold draughts even when nothing was causing them.

One of her children also swore he heard someone walking around in there one night and so the 'haunted room' label was attached!

As they had built the house themselves, I had a feeling the problems could be related to leylines which occur naturally, but can be disturbed or re-energised by earth disturbances such as building works.

Either there could be geopathic stress which was creating these spooky, uncomfortable feelings or there was actual paranormal activity being facilitated by one or more leylines.

After asking a few more questions I scanned the house and established that there was indeed one large leyline running diagonally across the ranch style home and the library and one of the guest rooms was right on it's path.

Interestingly, there was a spirit in the room as well, judging by its clothing going back at least 100 years. It was not connected with the family but had found its way into their home, probably via the leyline. It didn't appear negative and was agreeable to being moved on which I did.

I then re-located the leyline to a nearby park that had a large, deep waterway where it would be safe and not cause any harm.

I then psychic-ly cleansed the house and advised Sal to smudge the area with sweetgrass which came through on my investigation as the best way to clear this particular home of any residual negative energy.

Sal emailed me a few days later to say she had tentatively gone into the room, turned on the lights and sat down. She says the room is now glowing instead of dark and gloomy and the family are starting to spend more and more time in there. She still can't believe how much a natural earth energy like a leyline can affect the atmosphere in a room.

Until next month,
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