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Cemetery Leyline

We've had a few challenging jobs over the years connected with cemeteries and our latest one was no exception!

Personally, I don't believe that churches or cemeteries are more haunted by ghosts than any other location. But I do agree that they are very spooky and usually gloomy spots which can have their fair share of ghosts and energies!

Any spirits we've encountered at graveyards have, for the most part, been unconnected with anyone actually buried there.

Churches and cemeteries can be places of high emotion, a lot of it sad, and this in itself can attract energies and entities into the environment.

Our most recent case was here in Ireland.

Our client lived in a very nice two storey house, built in 2004, which rather unfortunately overlooked the local cemetery.

Since they moved in, they'd experienced health issues and sleep disturbances, despite never having had problems before.

Sean was suffering from debilitating, frequent headaches and nightmares, while his partner Sandra had ongoing bouts of vertigo, nausea and depression.

They were both understandably miserable and to make matters worse, they felt the house was haunted also. Sean confessed that he didn't know if the lack of sleep was making them particularly jumpy and nervous or whether something was actually in the house. He admitted to being skeptical but happy to try anything to relieve the situation.

We called over one evening around 4 pm just before the light faded altogether. The graveyard was to the left of the property, about 300 yards and wasn't particularly old. There were no church attached to it. The entrance hall to their home was light and bright, but as soon as I entered the sitting room I felt off-balance as if the floor was sloping. Sandra confirmed that she never spent any time in this room for that very reason. I suspected geopathic stress from one or more leylines, but wanted to have a look at the rest of the house before saying anything to the couple. The kitchen was lovely, but had a rather strange atmosphere as if there was a crowd watching us.

I asked if they'd mind leaving me for a few minutes alone in the kitchen to try and sort out who or what was in the room. As I sat at the table, I noticed the spirit of an elderly gentleman in the corner of the room. He appeared very distressed and completely confused as to where he was. The crowd energy I had picked up before seemed associated with him and I wondered if he had perhaps spent his last days in a nursing home or hospital. He kept wringing his hands and looking around and it was very difficult to establish communication with him. When I finally made contact, I found out his name was William. Apart from that, he told me he was lost.

I took the opportunity to check for leylines on the property as well and found a vast, negative line slicing diagonally across the top left of their property and taking in some of the cemetery. It was huge, I would guess about a quarter of a mile wide and could definitely be the source of their ill health. Do leylines emanate out of cemeteries? I'm not sure, but a lot of churches and burial grounds seem to be built on them. I also ran across an intriguing theory that suggested leylines seem to come from graves and run back to the person's last home – incredible stuff!

I called Sean and Sandra back in and asked if they knew of any older gentleman who had passed on recently. Neither of them did and I explained that there was a spirit in the house who was terribly confused and needed help to cross over. They were more than happy for me to do this. William was so relieved to be able to move on, his whole energy changed for the better just before he left, which was great to see. We'll never know why or how he ended up in their house.

I then went upstairs with them to see the bedrooms and explained that I had found a large leyline slicing through the house which could account for their sleep disturbances and unsteady feelings.

Unfortunately their bedroom was right in the path of the leyline. I told them I would just go outside to relocate the line, so I could concentrate and get my bearings.

There was fast running river about 10 miles north which would be the perfect place to move it to, which I did.

Sandra got in touch a couple of weeks after my visit to say the whole atmosphere in the house changed a couple of days after I left.

They are both sleeping soundly and she can now spend time in the sitting room without any vertigo or nausea. I was delighted to hear such positive feedback.

Until next month,
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