Paranormal Blog - July 2007

Black Bugs

Last month I had a strange job about an hour from where we're based. This particular lady contacted me through a mutual friend and explained that strange things were going on in her house and that she didn't know who to ask to help! When I asked what was going on, she insisted that I pay her a visit to see firsthand. I was intrigued to say the least!

I arrived a couple of days later to a fairly new two story house. This lady, who I'll call Ann, came out to meet me and immediately asked if I ‘sensed' anything. I asked if we could go in and sit down for a few minutes, and I'd see if I found anything strange.

We went into their bright sunny kitchen and as soon as we sat down at the table, a large black bug or butterfly flew by my face. I was startled and brushed my hand in front of me. Ann smiled knowingly. Did you see it, she asked. I asked if it had been a bug or wasp. Oh no, she replied, it's not real. She had stopped smiling then and told me that these dark flying objects had been plaguing them in their home for the past couple of months, but they weren't real.

I was truly stunned, I had never run across or heard of anything like this. I asked if anything else strange had been going on in her home. She told me, very firmly, that she didn't believe in all that paranormal nonsense, but obviously, something was not quite right. She also felt that something or someone was watching her, particularly if she was upstairs. Also, their two daughters had not slept well at all since this began, having nightmares and waking up feeling very upset.

I wanted to have a wander around on my own, which Ann was happy with. As soon as I reached the landing upstairs a dark, indistinct shape flitted by the corner of my eye into one of the rooms. I immediately put a protective seal around the room, hoping to contain the entity in there so I could see what I was dealing with.

As I went into the room there was a flapping noise, as if a bird was trying to get out of a window – only there was no bird in there. It was also very cold and quite dark, even though it was a bright, sunlit day. Looking slowly behind me, there was a walk-in wardrobe and I could just make out a dark, threatening figure – not human in nature.

I've only run across a few elemental or earth energies in our investigations, and they can be awkward to deal with. They usually take the form of cats or dogs, although they are not the spirits of these animals. We know very little about these energies, where they originate from and why they suddenly appear in our lives. I decided to immediately try and clear the room, which proved difficult as the entity kept moving quickly around the room. However, in the end the spirit was cleared and I also psychic-ly cleared the house.

I went downstairs to Ann and told her what had happened. She looked quite disbelieving, but said if it made the house quieter then that was the result she wanted.

I spoke to her a week later and she hesitantly said the house was fine now, no more of those ‘black bugs'. I was glad to hear this and I hope it has opened Ann's mind to the possibility of the paranormal and beyond…

Until next month,
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