Paranormal Blog July 2008

Elemental Mischief

Most of the spirit clearing work we get is concerned with spirits, leylines and vortices. We had never had a case concerning the Elemental and Fairy Realm until a few weeks ago!

A family, not too far from where Moonslipper is based, contacted us through one of our group as they had been having strange things happening at their old cottage.

Rob, the owner, explained that the cottage dated back to the 17th century and although they'd been living in it for 5 years, they'd never experienced anything paranormal.

The last couple of months had been different though.

They all heard strange noises downstairs after going to bed and on two occasions had arrived in the kitchen in the morning to find all the cupboard doors open and pieces of cutlery on the floor.

The first instance had really alarmed them as they wondered if they had been burgled.

But when it happened again they knew something else was up.

Also their dog wouldn't eat his dinner in the normal place, alternately growling and wagging his tail at some invisible being standing near his bowl!

The final straw was when Rob's wife couldn't find her car keys and was late for work. In the end Rob had to drive her in to her job. When they resumed the search for the keys that evening, they found them in the bathtub. Rob then contacted us!

I dropped over to the cottage the next day. The atmosphere was lovely, friendly and warm. I then scanned the entire property for ghosts, spirits and entities and found none. There were also no leylines or vortices on their property, which was great news for the family. Thinking of another case we were working on by distance, I decided to check for earth energies and elementals and this came up positive. But why had they suddenly started playing up?

Earth works and any kind of ground disturbances can cause problems with existing dormant leylines and vortices, but, they can also upset the delicate balance of the Fairy Kingdom, and one should at all times make them aware that you would like to do some work! I checked with Rob if he'd done any work like that recently and he confirmed that they'd actually cleared part of a hedge around about the time all this activity started. Not only was it a hedge, but it contained a white hawthorn tree which is held most sacred in Irish mythology and particularly with the Elemental world. I felt this act had angered these energies and they were showing their fury by the mischievous disruptions in the cottage.

After contacting a friend of mine who is a bit of a fanatic about fairies and earth energies, she suggested making a peace offering, such as planting another hawthorn tree and leaving out some bread, honey and chocolate for the elementals, by way of an apology!

Rob and his family took this task very much to heart and felt mortified they'd upset the energies around their beautiful cottage.

That weekend, they bought a beautiful currant bush as they couldn't find a hawthorn tree and left out a veritable feast for the fairies, which helpfully coincided with a Full Moon – much celebrated by the elemental world.

Not a thing has been disturbed in the house since!

Rob told me he will be gardening and renovating most sensitively in the future!

Until next month,
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