Paranormal Blog - March 2007

Time for Tea

We had a very sweet job last month – more of an investigation than a clearing. This client lives about 3 hours from us and the situation sounded so intriguing, we couldn't help but make an on-site visit.

Tim and his wife live with their baby daughter in a charming terrace in a town setting. The house date back to 1857 and had been beautifully refurbished about two years previously. Once again, a previous client of ours had recommended us, which we were happy to hear!

Since they had moved in, a few strange occurrences had them curious, but not frightened in any way – possibly a first for us!

Pretty much at the same time every day (4 pm), they would hear tea cups and china rattling in the room they now use as a formal dining room, along with sounds of gentle murmuring. They would also smell lavender and occasionally sweet tobacco. If they entered the room at the time the noises were heard, nothing would happen. But as soon as they left, the tea party would begin.

They would also hear soft, padding footsteps late at night in the upstairs landing, but again they had no sense of fear or anxiety. Tim had just been getting more and more curious about who was in their house and importantly – did these ghosts need help?

We arrived at 3 pm to have a look around and pick up any energies that were there. We wanted to be certain we didn't miss teatime!

Moving into the current kitchen, which was also the original kitchen, I could see two older ladies, in spirit, busily preparing two trays. From their hair and clothing I guessed they were from the 1920's-1930's. I thought they were oblivious to us, and possibly residual energy, until the smaller lady caught my glance and smiled. I related this to Tim and his wife who were delighted have such genteel company. The scene before me vanished and a sudden whiff of tobacco surrounded us all. We decided to wait in the kitchen to see if we heard the noises that occurred daily. Four o'clock arrived and went and by ten past, we felt maybe nothing was going to happen. The suddenly, very faintly, soft talking could be heard and the moving of furniture. It was very exciting to be in the presence of such benign paranormal activity. Tim urged me to find out anything I could from them and whether or not they needed help.

I ventured into the dining room, alone, and sure enough, it fell silent. I told them why I was there and asked if they would like help to move on. A man had joined the two ladies and was peacefully smoking his pipe. They said they loved the house and didn't want to leave.

I ran back to Tim and his wife and explained this. They asked if I could check whether it was unsafe or unhealthy for the ghostly guests to be present, otherwise, they were happy enough for them to stay.

I felt instinctively there was no harm in the situation, but dowsed just to be sure and it came up the same. The spirits were very happy to stay and I left them to their tea. It may sound completely bizarre for anyone to be happy with ghosts and paranormal activity in their home – but this is not the first time we've run across it, especially when the ghosts have been present for a long time – they are often regarded as part of the family!

Tim rang me a couple of weeks ago to say that he had done some research on previous owners of the house and there had been a brother and sister who had lived there from 1901 until the 1940's. Who the other lady was, we'll never know – possibly a friend of theirs?

The family continue to live peacefully with their spirit guests.

Until next month,
31st March 2007

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