Paranormal Blog - May 2007

Famine Ghosts

I was contacted by Lily about three weeks ago as we had mutual friends and she was intrigued by the idea of spirit clearings, ghosts, hauntings and so on!

Lily and her family had been experiencing what she described as 'unruly, loud ghost activity' for the past two years in their new house.

While it wasn't particularly frightening, it was disruptive and becoming more irritating and frequent.

Lily and her husband had four children under the age of ten and the nightly noises and activities were disturbing and waking them, with the results that she had a tired, cranky family every morning.

The activity originally only happened at night, but was now starting during the day when Lily was there on her own. This was making her uneasy.

Starting around 10pm every night, doors would slam shut loudly, but on investigation, no door was found closed. Arguing voices could be heard, also the sounds of furniture being dragged across wooden floorboards and again, nothing found disturbed. They had also taken a couple of photographs with their digital camera which showed a significant amount of orbs.

During the daytime, Lily was feeling that someone was in the house with her, a presence of some kind, not threatening, but definitely unnerving. The phone had started ringing as well, stopping as soon as she got to it. She also regularly smelt burning which really worried her.

I called in during a weeknight, when her husband had taken the children swimming, so we'd have the place to ourselves. As soon as I walked in, I could see three or four misty figures hanging over the upstairs balcony, then vanishing. As soon as I got upstairs, I could see them in the hall below, dark, indistinct shapes. They were obviously mischievous and were going to lead me on a chase!

I described all this to Lily, then psychically tuned in to the house and location to see why they were here in a new building. One of them came forward, again faceless, and explained they were from the Famine times (1840's) and that this was their farm. I asked how many there were and this entity replied that there were six in the family. I then gently asked if he knew they were dead, he said yes and repeated that it was their farm.

Lily explained the house had been built three years ago and there were some remains of a building, which were cleared away with the rest of the site rubbish. How sad to think that this was all that had remained of someone's precious home.

I went into the kitchen on my own and told Lily I was going to help them all to pass over. After about a half hour of discussion with the spirits, they were convinced to cross over. They also requested that their old farm and their souls be blessed by a priest. I told them I would have to ask Lily if she would do that as it was now her home. They agreed and passed over easily. They were very troubled and disturbed souls and I felt they had probably died of starvation in the Famine at this very spot.

Lily agreed to have the blessing done that week and I also smudged each of the rooms with frankincense to psychically and physically clear them of all negativity. There was a lovely calm feeling as I left, as if unfinished business had been taken care of.

Chatting with Lily yesterday, all is quiet in the house, there's no more paranormal activity, the blessing has been done according to the spirit's request and all is well.

Until next month,
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