The Visitors

This month I want to relate a couple of personal paranormal stories. People do ask me if the team at Moonslipper ever have hauntings or paranormal activity in our own homes and the answer is yes!

Because of the work we do, we all do daily protective measures, but sometimes because of the pace of life or other non-paranormal activities, we're in a hurry and either rush the protection routine or even forget to do it at all!

This month, I've had two ghostly encounters myself, one was an unknown entity and the other was a family member.

I had been up in Dublin doing some business and as I was driving home I began to feel a bit sick and dizzy.

I'd been in a busy office with lots of people and felt that I had possibly picked up something there.

I pulled into a shop to get something to drink and as I got back into the car I immediately knew there was an unseen passenger.

Cigarette smoke and a smell like diesel filled the car and as I glanced in the rear view mirror, the actual back seat had a dark shadowy look about it even though it was a clear day.

I decided to keep driving home instead of clearing the car. I hadn't driven for more than 10 minutes when a loud male voice came into my head and said 'Stop the car now'. I was a bit startled but decided I better stop as ordered!

As I pulled in, I got a strong sense of panic and fear from the male entity and felt his physical passing had involved significant trauma. Mentally I spoke to him explaining that I was going to help him move on.

His anxiety eased greatly and I was able to do the clearing and continue on home. Why he was at the location I was at in town and decided to come back with me is something I'll never know.

The Visitors - My Family

The second encounter was with a close family member who died a few months ago. I knew they had passed over without any problems and had put that side of things to the back of my mind.

However, when we were clearing out their home last weekend, I was on my own sorting out old photographs when I heard their voice calling my name. I was surprised and said so. The family member replied very firmly that they had unfinished business with their son.

When we got home later that evening, our dogs were acting very strangely and refused to come near me! I knew our relation was still with us and they had also told me they would communicate with their son during dream time that night.

Sure enough the next morning the dogs were back to normal and their son had had a 'wonderful' night's sleep. Had they met on the astral plane and tied up loose ends and personal business? I just don't know. But I'm sure the family member had accomplished what they came back to do.

The afterlife, the paranormal and our communication with spirits fascinates me and I'm glad that it occasionally extends beyond our clients and into our own lives.

Until next month,
30th May 2008

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