Paranormal Blog November 2007

Spirits at the Cemetery Cottage

Last month's case was an on-site job here in Ireland, about an hours drive from where we are based.

It involved a cottage, a cemetery and a small crowd of spirits replaying a funeral scene over and over again.

Kieran had emailed us regarding strange happenings in his little cottage which had originally been the caretaker's house at a very old cemetery, which was literally a few feet away from the kitchen door!

He was only renting the cottage for a few months, and, as he was finishing up a big project, he thought the quiet location would suit him extremely well.

When he contacted us, Kieran had been in the house for about 6 weeks and was getting a little unnerved by events.

He was hearing the sounds of people talking and moving around downstairs after he had gone to bed, nearly every night.

After wandering down to investigate, he would find no one, but the table and chairs in the kitchen would be moved, or a cupboard door would be found open.

One night on his wanderings he happened to glance out the window into the darkness of the cemetery only to see small red lights bobbing up and down amidst the headstones.

When I arrived it was dusk but I could the cottage was very charming and the cemetery was eerie in the twilight with the old headstones and trees casting spooky shadows.

It certainly was atmospheric! As soon as I came in the front door I could see two spirit figures dart across the kitchen, which Kieran didn't seem to notice.

He showed me around the rest of the tiny cottage and it certainly felt like there was more than just the two of us there. He then grabbed a flashlight and we walked out to the cemetery where some of the headstones dated back to the early 1700's.

As we were looking around at the spot where he saw the lights we heard a shuffling noise behind us and as we turned around I could see a group of about 10 spirit people slowly walking down the path, as if following a funeral procession. They disappeared in a flash.

I asked Kieran if he had seen anything and he had caught a streak of green light. I was able to establish this was just residual energy – the same scene was being played out over and over again, they weren't actual entities.

We went back inside and I checked for leylines in the cottage. There were 3 large ones outside in the cemetery (2 neutral, 1 negative), which is very common in cemeteries, but none of them were close to the house.

Many churches and ancient monuments are built on leylines, supposedly for the mystical and sacred earth energies that they emit. I told Kieran it would be best to leave these powerful lines where they were as they were unlikely to be affecting him. He might still see the lights, which are probably entities or energies traveling along the lines, but they would be harmless.

I then checked the house for spirits and found 5 of them, one of these being a previous occupant. None of them were negative entities and they were eager to move, which I did for them with ease.

The moving of the furniture and the noises had been their way of trying to get Kieran's attention. I then smudged the house for Kieran using sage and frankincense, which are both excellent for clearing and disbursing negative energies. I then place a strong psychic protection in and around his home. As I was leaving the whole place felt calmer and brighter.

Speaking to Kieran last week, there had been no strange noises or voices in the cottage since and he felt safer, calmer and more enthusiastic about finishing his work. He was sleeping much better as well and was looking forward to enjoying the rest of his stay at the Cemetery Cottage.

Until next month,
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