Strange Vibes

Pam contacted us about six weeks ago about her shop, which she felt had bad vibes and might be haunted.

She had been working at home for about five years with her successful decorating business and when the opportunity came up to lease a small shop, she jumped at the chance.

Pam had had the shop for about a year and as she told us, things had gone from bad to worse over the past few months. Her business had effectively dried up, she was having problems with suppliers and her own health had begun to deteriorate. Although the shop was charming and everything she wanted, a month after setting up she began to notice cold spots and light bulbs blowing, as well as the classic feeling of being watched. Being housed in a very old building, Pam had begun to suspect it might be haunted.

She didn't particularly mind this, but when things started going wrong, she began to feel frightened, wondering what exactly was at play. She had also become very nervous in the shop, especially when leaving in the evening. She felt the shop began to get extra dark and gloomy before the evening hours had even set in. She was seriously considering giving up the lease when she contacted us.

As Pam lives in England, this was going to be a distance case for us. After she emailed the plan of the shop to us showing where north and south were, I then checked for leylines and vortices first. At the very back of the premises, barely touching the building, was a large negative leyline. Inside the shop, under the stairs, was a large vortex also. We felt the leyline could be contributing in a significant way to the unpleasant atmosphere due to the geopathic stress that was coming from it. The vortex in the shop was definitely a portal of some kind, allowing any kind of energy in the atmosphere and location to come through.

There was also one male spirit in the shop, not very nice and an energy of some kind which I couldn't identify. The energy seemed unmoving and was situated near the little office at the back which Pam confirmed was where she felt 'watched' all the time.

The first job was to relocate the leyline which was easy to do. The vortex proved more difficult as it was very strong and difficult to close down and move. With a great deal of effort we manage to relocate it also and felt it had been there a very long time, building up strength and energy over the years. We then cleared the male entity and energy form which were very quick and easy to do.

I then decided to look at the layout of the shop, where everything was placed. I wanted to apply the principles of Feng Shui and see if Pam's health and business problems were somehow related to blocked ‘chi or having the wrong items in certain locations. The health section of the bagua is located right in the middle of a property and Pam had an antique and rather shabby velvet sofa here for clients to sit on. As well as being old, two of the legs were broken so it was wobbly as well. I recommended she fix the legs immediately and recover the sofa in an earth tone, appropriate to the Health section, such as yellow, brown or red.

I then looked at the Prosperity corner which unfortunately was located under the stairs where the vortex had been. Disaster! Definitely not good for business or finances. I recommended placing two spotlights in this area. Also, a table with a purple cloth and a fishbowl with goldfish would really enhance the energy here. At a later stage, when finances had improved, an aquarium in this spot would be excellent for money and prosperity. Pam was very open to trying out these Feng Shui cures as she had read about very positive results for businesses using these ancient principles.

We were thrilled to hear back from Pam last week that she had fixed the sofa and placed a red throw over it to change the energy. She had also implemented the cures for under the stairs. Her health was much better, in particular her sleep, and she was over the moon to report she had just secured a contract for redecorating a small bed and breakfast nearby. The creepy atmosphere and strange happenings had also stopped and she was feeling much happier about the future.

Until next month,
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