Paranormal Blog - October 2007

Leyline Jobs

September has been an unbelievably busy month for us here at Moonslipper. We had no less than seven leyline relocation jobs from Mexico to London.

Without exception, all of our clients were having sleep problems, nightmares, headaches and generally feeling under par health-wise. Paranormal activity was also reported in all of the locations.

I truly feel that we are just scratching the surface of leylines, geopathic stress and the effects that they can have on us mentally and physically.

All of our client's leylines were facilitating paranormal activity and every one of their homes had between one, and remarkably, fourteen spirits or entities. No wonder they were feeling drained, tired and completely lacking energy!

I believe that leylines act as an energy line or road for ghosts and energies and if it's passing through someone's home, there's a good chance some of them are going to stop off for a visit.

Four of the jobs had leylines emanating from large, negative energy vortices outside the building. One of the vortices happened to be in the middle of an ancient graveyard and two of them originated from known ritualistic and gathering places of ancient inhabitants. The fourth line originated from a spot outside of the home, which appeared to be in the middle of a busy road. Who knows what sort of energy centre this was centuries ago?

We were happy to relocate all the leylines and vortices to spots of deep water near the locations. Any spirits or entities were also cleared and moved on, leaving all the homes back to their owners with no uninvited ghostly guests.

At the time of writing, all of our clients are feeling much better in themselves, with all the homes feeling lighter and energized.

Once again, we're very grateful that we are able to help people, all over the world, with their paranormal problems. We love the people we get to work with, and we love the work we do.

Until next month,
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