Paranormal Investigation

What a great weekend we had! Moonslipper's first ever paranormal investigation and spirit clearing!

As our regular visitors know, we conduct our spirit clearing and leyline relocation mainly by distance. It preserves our client's privacy and allows us to work all over the world.

Last weekend, our job was at a 18th century house that is being restored in the midlands, here in Ireland. At our client's request, we won't be able to share the location or any names, but we can tell you everything else!

It turned from just a clearing job to a paranormal investigation when our client, who I'll call Tom, asked if we took photos or recorded EVP's when we did clearings. I told him we didn't, but if he was interested I had a friend who regularly did ghost investigations with a recording device and I could bring along my Fuji digital camera. He was very happy with this, so Brian and a Moonslipper team member came along with me on Saturday night.

We decided to do the investigation just after the sun set, as paranormal energies and entities truly do come into their own when the rest of the living world is settling down. Our client Tom is not living in the house at present, but is well on the way to finishing a full restoration. There were lights and all the floors were safe and solid which made our job a lot easier.

Tom had initially contacted us because a couple of the workmen had said they weren't willing to work after dark because of the ghosts in the house! When questioned further, they told stories of light bulbs blowing, mugs floating in mid-air before them and the sound of children playing and crying. One of the men also admitted he'd been scared to death by a black figure he'd seen gliding up the staircase. Tom was quite sceptical and due to work committments had spent little time in the house. However, after hearing this, he decided to come down one evening a do a bit of light building work to see what was going on.

Much to his horror, after only being 15 minutes in the house, a lightbulb blew, then all the electricity went out. Trying to keep calm and reasoning that there was a logical explanation for it, he stumbled around looking for a flashlight. As he tells us, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he heard a light sound of running and laughter on the upstairs landing. He confessed it took him two minutes to get to his car and drive away!

After we all arrived, we went to the top of the house and wandered around what would have been the servants quarters and nursery wing. The atmosphere was quite dark, with a feeling that there were a number of eyes watching us, which I found unnerving. We took a number of photos up here with the flash and captured many orbs, but, I feel they may be just moisture and/or dust. Brian captured two incomprehensible sounds, a bit like growls.

On the next level, we got the biggest surprise when we walked into what we guess would have been a formal living room. All three of us saw, at the same time, a tall, black figure cross from one side of the room to the other. We were just frozen to the spot and needless to say completely forgot about the camera! The recorder captured our only understandable EVP of the night as well. Hello? can be clearly heard in a questioning, non-threatening voice. Very exciting!

At this point, I left the boys to wander around the rest of the house and I went outside to tune into what or who exactly was in the building. Unbelievably there were 10 spirits in the house, 3 of them quite negative. There was also one large, wide, negative leyline running through the middle of the house and a smaller one outside going in the opposite direction. Sitting in the car, it took me just over an hour to clear the spirits and move the lines. All but two of the spirits were happy to go, and the remaining two had to be convinced that this wasn't the place for them any more.

It was just after midnight when we drove off, absolutely exhausted but thrilled with the investigation and clearing.

We'll be talking to Tom later in the week to see how things are now in the house. We can't wait to go on another investigation!

Until next month,
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