Paranormal Blog - September 2007

Menacing Presence

I got an email at the end of August from a fellow paranormal investigator in the US. Bill belongs to a small group that investigates hauntings locally, takes digital photographs and records any EVP that might be around.

He and his group had gotten a bit of fright on their last investigation and he was positive that he had picked up ‘something' at the location. It was truly the scariest place they had visited and it had affected him so badly, he was taking a small break from investigations.

Apparently, it had been an old school, nothing special, just two small buildings dating back to the late 1800's that had taught children up to the 6th grade. It had lain disused since the 1960's and had gotten a reputation for being haunted. Lights were seen in the building late at night, also children's voices could be heard and a large dark figure had been seen in the shadows of the building as dusk set in.

Bill's group had split into two and one had gone upstairs and the other walked around the ground floor. Almost immediately loud noises were heard that sounded like furniture falling over. One of the group upstairs felt very dizzy as she entered one room and another decided to leave the building rather quickly, saying something 'evil' was following her. Bill and a colleague continued taking photos and making recordings until they entered what was the kitchen. They both saw a large, dark figure, they estimate around seven feet tall, at the back door, not moving. They were so shocked, they couldn't move either, not even to take a photo! They both held their breath as the figure glided across the old cooker and vanished into the wall. They were so badly shaken, the whole group packed up and left immediately.

Bill has been having terrible nightmares since then and when he does wake up, trembling with fear, he feels a menacing presence in the bedroom. Twice he has also felt a heavy weight on the bed.

I was happy to check the situation out for him, as this could not continue for the sake of his health.

After tuning into Bill's house, I found an extremely malevolent energy in his basement, huddled in a corner. It psychic-ly appeared to be very much like the apparition Bill and his friend saw, so I immediately placed a protective field around it, to contain it in the one location. It took me a good hour to clear the entity as it was quite strong and resistant to being moved on, but I got there in the end! I very rarely encounter such dark energies as this – and I'm very glad. It was very menacing and was affecting Bill's mental health quite badly.

I then cleared Bill and his house thoroughly and placed a strong protection them both. After the clearing, he asked if it had been something from the school that he had brought home. I felt it was related to the school, but as I was in no safe position to communicate with the energy, I would never be certain.

Strangely, they caught no anomalies on camera at the location, nor any identifiable EVPs.

Bill is sleeping fine now, but he and his group have yet to go out again on another investigation.

Until next month,
3rd September 2007

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