Bad Atmosphere

One of our cases in August revolved around a very bad atmosphere that just wouldn't go away.

Liam had moved into his house in January and for the last few months was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in his new home. At first, he put it down to the upheaval and stress of moving and getting organised in his new place. He began feeling after living there a few weeks that something wasn't right and he started coming home later and later so he didn't have to spend so much time there!

What really worried him was the heavy, oppressive atmosphere that seemed to engulf him whenever he was there alone. Even though he would have lots of lights on, the house seemed to be getting darker and darker. When Liam started having nightmares about a month ago, he knew it was time to do a bit of research which is how he found us at Moonslipper. The nightmares were absolutely terrifying and very real and he would wake up feeling frightened and sick. He was also waking up with a headache most mornings.

We offered to do a scan on the house which checks for spirits, entities, elementals, leylines and vortices. We found two very large, negative leylines intersecting right in the middle of his house and also creating a vortex at the spot they met. One of the lines was the largest one we've come across yet in our work, nearly spanning the house.

Leylines, if they are negative, can generate geopathic stress, which can cause quite worrying mental and physical symptoms. These can include nausea, headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbances, hallucinations and insomnia to name a few.

Leylines and vortices can also act as gateways or portals for paranormal phenomena as well. It is believed that they act as energy gateways or tracks for spirits and entities to travel on.

Liam was relieved to hear that we had actually found a possible cause for his problems and asked us to relocate everything straight away. As Liam lives in a coastal town, we moved them out to the ocean at a very deep level where they won't be disturbed or cause harm to anyone. We then cleared the entire house of all residual negative energy and vibrations and also put a precautionary psychic protection in and around it, even though we found no ghosts or entities there.

Liam emailed us a couple of days later to say he couldn't believe the change in the house, particularly the brightness and overall calm atmosphere. He said he felt much more settled and happier and that he could finally start enjoying his new home.

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