The Muddy Boot

Not a great deal is known – or indeed publicised – about the dangers of the paranormal. But for investigators and people who communicate with or interact with the spiritual world, the danger is very real and often quite serious.

The group at Moonslipper had had unpleasant encounters with spirits and entities over the years and last month's case, here in Ireland, was no exception!

It's very rare to have people physically harmed by ghosts. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to do anything physical which is why the more common paranormal phenomena is usually sounds, scents or shadows seen out of the corner of the eye. They can also influence a person's thoughts and dreams, causing nightmares and restless sleep. The more sensitive person can actually feel nauseous or have sudden aches and pains when a spirit is nearby.

I was taken completely unaware by a rather grumpy and malevolent spirit who moved an object and made me feel unwell during my latest on-site job.

It was in an old cottage about half an hour from the office. It had been recently been totally renovated after being uninhabited since the 1960's. The last owner was a bachelor farmer and the current owners felt he had never left!

Only a couple of weeks after moving in, the couple had started to notice an unpleasant, musty odor appearing and then disappearing in various parts of the house, with no explanation. They also experienced the scent of tobacco, even though neither of them smoked and doors would open and shut on their own. The couple was also starting to feel uneasy in the house after dark and knew it was time to tackle the problem.

I visited them late one afternoon after being at another job and I was feeling a little tired – never a good thing when you're dealing with the paranormal.

They were showing me around their lovely living room when I suddenly felt very sick. I had to sit down and after drinking a glass of water we carried on with the house tour. As I walked into the kitchen I felt a wave of dizziness and I knew then it was time to get out of the cottage and put some strong psychic protection in place.

Using a very old routine that was passed down to me, I re-enforced the protection around myself and the clients and we continued. I asked to go back into the kitchen on my own as I felt this was where the cantankerous spirit was hiding out. There, in the middle of the floor, was an ancient muddy boot, which looked totally out of place. Calling the couple in I showed them the boot and they were astonished. They had never seen it before and it certainly wasn't theirs. I knew I had my work cut out for me with this spirit. He was letting us know that this was still his house and he was quite powerful, energetically speaking!

I asked the pair to leave me in the house for an hour as I felt it would be easier, and safer, if I handled the situation on my own. As soon as they left I checked the rest of the house to make sure there was just the one entity. I also checked for leylines and while there were none running through the cottage there was one outside.

I then went out of the house and placed a psychic energy block all around the building to ensure that the spirit of the previous owner stayed in one place for me to help him cross over. As I went back inside, he was darting all over the house, reluctant to leave and creating a damp, musty odor all over the house. With a lot of effort and communication with him, he finally crossed over after about 30 minutes. I then relocated the leyline and completely cleared the entire property of any residual negative energy.

The couple were delighted with the results, reporting no more strange scents and no problem with being in the cottage after dark. They could finally enjoy their home.

It also taught me to take time before entering a haunted location to protect yourself and to think about what you're going in to do. Whether it's spirit clearing, taking photographs or investigating, make sure you do the following:

~Protect yourself psychic-ly in whatever way feels appropriate to you. Do not forget this! You never know what kind of entity you may potentially encounter. Apart from ghosts, there are many, many unknown types of entities and energies out there – be careful.

~Always let someone know where you are and it's always best to have at least one other person with you. Do not go out investigating or exploring haunted locations on your own.

~At the first sign of trouble, for example extreme anxiety, dizziness or nausea, get out immediately. If necessary, rest for a little while, regroup, gather your thoughts and consider whether or not you wish to continue. Remember, it's your health at stake.

~Finally, if investigating or taking photographs, please make sure you have the appropriate permission first and always make sure that the building is safe to walk around.

Until next month,
7th September 2009

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