Aiken-Rhett House scary surprise!

by Kellen
(Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

A man with a beard! And a large, classic

A man with a beard! And a large, classic

A man with a beard! And a large, classic
A rather grim-looking man...
The original photo... see all the faces?

Last week I went ghost searching with a friend! The Aiken-Rhett House is a large, spooky-looking mansion built in 1818. Luckily it's only an hour's drive from my house. It's owned by a museum and offers daily tours.

I thought that if I went on the tour and took a few pictures, I might come up with an orb or two. Boy, I didn't think I'd catch something (or someone?) so creepy! So anyway, I strolled around the main house and didn't catch, see, or feel anything out of the ordinary.

I finally ended up in the slave quarters. I went into three rooms, taking pics the way. But in one of the last rooms, I felt strange as soon as I walked in. I felt slightly dizzy, I thought someone was watching me, and I began to feel panicky. My friend was still in the hallway outside, so I quickly left the room and told her about the way I had felt. The dizziness and spooky feelings left me as soon as I was out of the room, by the way.

While in the hall, I snapped a picture through the window, looking into the slave room. I didn't look at it until I uploaded the pics to my laptop. What I saw, well, scared the crap out of me... I see three transparent faces in one photo! In the photos attached, I include the original capture, and two with the face(s) outlined.
(Make of the camera: Kodak EasyShare M853, with 8.2 mega pixels.
Settings: auto, no flash, no zoom.
Temp: Around 92 degrees Fahrenheit.)
Can you see what I see? I'd love feedback!

Thank you! :)
Peace & Love, Kellen

(Hi Kellen - excellent picture! The feelings of dizziness and panic are classic signs that a spirit or spirits are around. The feelings usually come on suddenly, without any known reason. I do see the faces, almost like they put them right in front of the camera! Spooky! Keep taking photos - you're a natural! ~Siobhan)

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Nov 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hey - there are more then just the 3 you have there, look almost at the center of the picture and the up slightly to the left, my guess is there are about half a dozen in the photo, seen and unseen

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