Alone on a saturday night!

by Julian combe
(Echuca, victoria, Australia)

Last saturday night I had a mates 30th birthday to celebrate. I left home at 8.30 pm, and returned at 2.00 am to find my partner was still awake and rather excited. She proceeded to show me the picture she took of her and my youngest son on her mobile phone. When I looked at the picture, I was in shock. And by the look on my face, she new something was wrong. She asked what i saw, so i told her! And in disbelief she snatched her phone from my hand, and said I didnt have to lie and make her look stupid. I asked her a few times what she saw. She finaly said in an upset tone, I can see our eldest three sons smiling at me. I could only convince her that what i saw was true. By getting her cousin to have a look, and she saw the same as me. Two evil looking faces, one facing toward her, one facing to the left, looking in her general direction with a very predominant ear, eye and face. There is another face top right, that is hard to make out which way it is facing. And a small figure down the bottom right. I have no idea what this is, or what they are. Any suggestions, ideas, please let me know is my family in any danger? My email is julian_78_4 (at)

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