Am I Dying Or Having A Message Sent To Me?

I hope you can help me make some logical sense out of what I am about to explain. My health failing and death or dying is the only things I can relate my recent experiences to.

This started about 3 months ago when my health began to worsen. I know by it being so complicated and having no money to have any appeal to physicians, will not end well and being so young is very sad to me. I guess I am not worth their effort or have enough money to make them care.

About 3 months ago, me and my boyfriend were driving past a hazelnut farm around 11:00pm. He thought taking me out of my bed would make me feel a bit better but not..

For some odd reason, I felt like I needed to go into the hazelnut farm and was very creepy! It was pitch black and no light, other than the light from our phones and camera flash.

We took a bunch of photos from both our phones to see if anything might show up.

Well, I think it did! Mine came out very strange for the most part and his were completely ok. We messed around with the settings in both our cameras to see if our photos would come out any differently, as well as wiping our camera lens's to remove any dust.

I took a picture of a tree, but not on purpose due to not being able to see a thing. It looks as if there is a face in the trunk and faces all along the top of it. The ones I accidentally snapped of my boyfriend, his face looks like a skull and on one?

His face came out like one of the faces on the top of the tree. Maybe I was just looking to hard at the pictures but everyone says the same thing without me stating what "I see".

There were also many orb looking objects of different colors. 2 weeks later, he thought we should go stay in a nice hotel for the night to get me out of the house. I agreed.

Although the hotel was booked, they managed to get us a room in 500 that night. Upon arriving, they switched our room to 1003 and we still don't know why.

That night around 10:00pm, we took a walk downtown. While walking, my boyfriend was looking through the photos on my phone to see ALOT of strange things that had appeared without our doings.

They looked like orbs and only on my favorite photos or the ones from the hazelnut farm. I was shocked and scared at the same time, thinking" What the hell happened to my photos and what are these things?"

So we went back up to our room and just hung out. He was freaked out by what he seen on the photos as well. Around 11:00pm, he fell asleep and I started to feel sick and couldn't sleep. All of a sudden, a shadow appeared over me, my arms felt pinned down and I tried to scream but couldn't. My boyfriend woke up to what he said, sounded like "screeching", shaking me and trying to calm me down.

I explained to him what happened and I wanted to leave. I felt so bad because he spent a lot on that room that night. Not a cheap hotel, that's for sure! He respected me and took me out of there.

The next day, I decided to go online and research that hotel to find, it was haunted!! The rooms ending in"03", were all haunted by a person who jumped out of the room we were in and passed all of the"03" rooms on the way down.

But why was our room changed to begin with?? No idea! The same experience occurred in my bedroom 2 weeks later, but with more than 1 shadow! I chalk it up to nightmares??

Since then, we've explored cemeteries looking for some answer and more pictures to see if a possible camera/phone issue was the cause of the previous things captured. Nope!!

While we were at the haunted hotel that one night, we were taking some pictures. I was taking a picture of a portrait they had on their wall and actually seen a white thing fly across my camera and captured it! I told my boyfriend but didn't think he believed me.

While we were at a cemetery taking photos, he was taking a picture of some very old tombstones. He said" Holy crap! I just seen something go across my camera"! I said," So do you believe me now about my photo and seeing that thing fly across my camera"? He did thank god!

He captured a pretty clear ghost/orb and was so happy because I know he believes me now. He was using HIS phone and camera when he caught it, so I know it not mine.

Well, I was going through my photos about 7 days ago and noticed the captured object has vanished from his photo!!! I have it on my phone because he texted it to me. I was going through the rest of my photos to see its popped up on a photo I took at a hotel/restaurant called "McMinnimums". It was a picture of a door that went into a hotel room and looked kind of creepy. This place was a old psychiatric hospital that was turned into a restaurant and hotel. The photo of the door was completely clear of any strange objects. Now, it has the same thing my boyfriend's photo HAD on it but vanished and NOW on the picture of the door!!

I have no idea what is going on, but no one has access to my phone and photos, other than my boyfriend. These things happen when he's not even here. I was gonna try a test one day with my dad and go outside and see if we could capture anything and I was using my boyfriends phone to see. My dad and boyfriend have the same type of phone and mine is an apple. It definitely wasn't a phone or camera issue!

Me and my dad took photos of the side of our house and compared afterwards. Both were perfectly clear and nothing strange. A week later, a VERY strange thing popped up on the photo!!!! I had not even been using my camera during the time it had to have appeared. No idea but will post how many ever I can on here. These things are still happening and it's honestly scaring the hell out of me!

I don't have million dollar photo shop equipment to alter these photos and no one I know does either. I've captured smokey looking objects with no one around me or smoking, orb looking things, ghost looking things and really hope someone can help me figure this out.

The last strange thing, my boyfriend knows I'm scared of mannequins. Lol! He was out one day and took a picture of one to text to me as a joke. Now that photo has strange things on it! The upper left thing looks like a little fat marshmallow ghost with a hat on! Lol lol! These white things on it were not on the picture when he sent it but popped up a week or so later.

Lastly, I had an angel appear above me in bed one night. It had my daughters face, didn't move and didn't speak. It lasted about 1-2 minutes. I don't drink, don't do drugs and no kind of mental illness! Lol! I was awake and it scared me. I can only relate these occurrences to my health failing very fast and dying.

I know that sounds bad, but nothing else to relate it to. I have had a really horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen. I've always been right and had these feelings since early childhood. If you would like to see more photos, for me to send them to you or ask questions, please feel free! I hope you can help me get to the bottom of this:)

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Nov 06, 2014
ghostly happenings
by: Anonymous

Right, well, firstly if I were you, I'd get my health worries looked at, source a good alternative practitioner for a vega test and full body report to see what and if anything's wrong, then maybe have some rife treatment if needed. Next, I think someone probably came through from spirit trying to give you a message when U had the O.O.B experience'? Try not to worry, and prey for help and assistance (U don't have to b religious, ask spirit or the angels for protection and guidance). Please stop going to places where nasty entities may lurk, such as cemeteries and haunted hotels. Next source a very good space clearer/psychic (go on recommendations) to check you and your home. Good luck, love and light.

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