Becoming Whole

Life sure is mysterious. I like it that way.

When I look out into the night sky I see the millions of suns in our own home galaxy and wonder away...

Then I think about the fact that there are millions of galaxies like our home galaxy and then my mind starts to lose focus—because it's all so vast. My puny brain can't handle the thought of such vastness.

And when I think about our essence as human beings—our spiritual nature, it's all so mysterious, so subtle.

Science puts things into little boxes but you can't put the spontaneity of a giggling child or the beauty of looking into a lover's eyes into a little box.

It's mysterious and I like it that way.

I'm sure one day, science will tell us that joy is this chemical reacting with that chemical blah de blah —it sort of leaves me a bit cold.

Not that I'm anti-science at all.

picture of happiness

It's us trying to figure out our world and it's what we do.

It's part of what and who we are. We want to explore and that's groovy but it has its limits when it comes to understanding ourselves, our world, our relationship to the world and to each other.

A movement began a while back. Somebody somewhere woke up and said "Hey, we are whole human beings and if something is wrong, maybe we should treat ourselves as whole human beings."

So, that's good—we are whole and it's right we should look at the whole. Science continues to piece together its findings of the miniscule but since science is still trying to figure it all out, it follows that the current model of our bodies, of the world, of life itself is wrong, or at least incomplete.

But we're alive today... we can't wait until science comes up with "Eureka." Not only that, but as science attempts to piece together all the iddy-biddy bits of information to create theories, it comes up with a lot of errors.

The world of nutrition which is my particular fascination is a very good example of this. Today, all the scientists and ordinary folk with an interest are arguing over this, that and the other thing. Thousands of books are written expounding the individual viewpoint and argument but what are you going to do? Who is right?

We have solid arguments at the extremes so who is right? Low carb, high carb, this fat, that protein, this theory that theory.

I think most people give up. Every week we have a new article in the press "Oh no, you can't eat that thing now, you must eat this instead"... and "ast year science told us coffee was good but now we have this study and now it's official, coffee is bad."

So back to wholeness and Becoming Whole

In nutrition, very few people are asking the big questions like "What is natural for humans to eat?"

It's kind of frustrating because we have all this science power and it feels to me they're looking in the wrong place. If we harnessed that power to answer that one question, more could be achieved within a year than in the last 50 years.

How ironic is it—that we, the crown of creation don't know what to eat! All the other animals and birds and fish know what to eat but we don't.

So for wholeness, you should start with that question. The Big Question—"What is natural for humans to eat."

Even that question is not so easy to answer but it'll get you closer than any other inquiry.

In other areas too, we have the big questions.

Who am I?

That is a very very big question but that simple question is the foundation of the teachings of very wise people like renowned sage Ramana Maharshi, and others too. It's the question that ultimately leads you back to knowing your true nature!


This is "The BIG Stuff" and it's where I believe you're best to focus most of your attention.

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

What is natural for me to eat?

Big Juicy Whole Questions...

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad we're trying to figure out the iddy-biddy details via the gift of science. It's all so fascinating and useful but sadly, incomplete. The findings of science should be used to help discover and illuminate the answer to The Big Questions and not be pieced together in a mish-mash to create some kind of Frankenstein theory.

It's funny really that we ever got into trying to figure out the minute details of what it is to be human on a chemical and electrical level. I mean, it's all so incredibly complex. Billions of chemical, electrical and hormonal interactions going on your behalf every second and you have nothing to do. It all happens without your conscious intervention.

So, your job as far as health goes is just to feed, exercise and rest the amazing biological machine that is your body. That's a relatively small but vital part of the job.

If you get it right, and eat, drink and exercise the right way then your body has the amazing wisdom to create health. How could it be otherwise?

It's constantly working to keep 'Homeostasis', balance, and health by getting rid of bad stuff and keeping the good stuff, by repair and replenishment. It's biological poetry—maybe even biological mystery.

And I like it that way.

© Mike Kinnaird

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