Book Review of: Unbreak your Health by Alan E. Smith

Unbreak your Health is a very interesting, thoroughly researched and enjoyable book covering all types of complementary and alternative therapies, from Kinesiology to the Yuen Method to Ozone Therapy.

Who knew there were so many complementary treatments available?

For anyone who is interested in pursuing complementary therapy treatment or possibly contemplating a career in this field, this book is invaluable and is a wonderful guide to have at home for reference.

The book is divided into seven chapters.

The treatments and therapies are broken down into different category chapters:

  • Health Concepts – covering naturopathy, naprapathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine etc...
  • Working with the Body – including Bowen Therapy, Raindrop Effect, Zen Bodytherapy etc...
  • Working with the Mind - covering Orgone Therapy, the Silva Method, Meditation etc...
  • Working with the Spirit or Energy – including Emotrance, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Vastu Shastra etc...

It's a very easy book to read and navigate and everyone will find at least one therapy they've never heard of and one that appeals to them and their particular need.

There are also user comments after each therapy description and a website link. Each treatment/therapy background and history is covered along with what is involved in the treatment or session.

I highly recommend it and thoroughly enjoyed reading it and give it:

Rating: 8/10

If you'd like to buy 'Unbreak your Health', please click on the link above to order.


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