Book Review of: Awakening Consciousness, A Girl's Guide by Robin Marvel

Robin Marvel's terrific book is a fun and easy-to-understand workbook for young girls, helping them to explore their own spirituality and the metaphysical realm.

However, I think women of all ages would enjoy and benefit from reading this book and working through it!

There are twelve chapters including such topics as Discovering Auras, Meet your Chakras, Crystallize your Spirit and It's All in the Cards.

Information about meditation, karma, aromatherapy, dowsing, psychic abilities amongst other subjects are also included.

I loved the exercises to "Scrub your Aura" and the photographs and instructions to get your chakras clear and spinning easily. There's lots of room to write and draw your feelings and thoughts as you progress through the book and its clear, conversational style of writing is very engaging and easy to read.

For all spiritually aware parents this book is a must for your daughters to read. It encourages them to become self-aware and helps to acquaint them with the Laws of the Universe, spirituality and metaphysics. There is also a book for young boys – I'll give the link for that below as well.

A perfect gift for parents, family and friends to give to any young girl in their lives. I wish I had had this book when I was younger – I can't imagine the positive impact it would have had on my life.

I would definitely recommend it and rate it:

Rating: 9/10

If you'd like to buy Awakening Consciousness: A Girl's Guide (or the Boy's Guide), please click on the links below to order.


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