Book Review of: Discover Atlantis. A Guide to Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Ancients. By Diana Cooper and Shaaron Hutton

Discover Atlantis will touch the hearts of all of us who believe we were here before, that there is a genuine and important place in all our lives for healing and complementary therapies and that yes, Atlantis did exist!

Diana Cooper is famed for her work with the angelic realm and is the acclaimed author of such books as A Little Light on Ascension, The Power of Inner Peace and A Time for Transformation. Shaaron Hutton is an an experienced clairvoyant who specialises in soul readings and helping people to find their true path in life.

Together they have collaborated on this book along with Kumeka, their joint spirit guide who introduced himself to them during a joint meditation many years ago.

This book covers the beginning of Atlantis, the amazing spiritual and healing powers the inhabitants had, and their ultimate end. It includes information, gathered from Kumeka, on the special healing powers of certain crystals, healing methods, the psychic arts, chakra cleansing, aura reading, protection methods and much more.

Personally, I found this book hard to put down! I found the description of Atlantis in the Golden Age (before ego and fear started corrupting the society) absolutely enthralling. News that the Atlanteans travelled about on ley lines during certain moon phases was mind-boggling!

They used crystals for powering homes and towns, for healing, for connecting with their planet of origin and for travelling at unimaginable speeds - to name just a few uses!

Tarot cards were used for spiritual guidance and astrology and numerology were used for practical purposes such as the best time to hold a function, build a property or to find out the optimum time for travelling.

Apart from the history of Atlantis, you will also find fascinating exercises (that the Antlanteans used) to try out for yourself. These include:

*Mind Expansion
*Working with a Channelling Crystal
*Remote Viewing
*2012 Energy Building
*Connecting with your DNA

and many more.

I have a lot of spiritual and metaphysical books, but this is one that I keep by my bedside. I am constantly re-reading it and somehow finding something new every time!

A wonderful book; it shows us what life could be like, if we can create another Golden Age.

Rating: 9/10

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