Book Review of: Feng Shui your Life by Jayme Barrett

This is a really wonderful and inspiring book on how to apply Feng Shui principles to your life. 

Fen Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement – literally a place for everything. Jayme Barrett offers a very holistic approach to applying the ideas to your home and also your life.

She gives easy-to-read information on:

  • The basic principles of Feng Shui – what they are and why they mean what they do.
  • How to use the Bagua to locate each section in your own home and how to positively energise them.
  • Tips and advice to create immediate and lasting changes, plus long term ideas to solidly implement the changes you want to create in your life.

What differentiates this book from others in this field, is that it applies Feng Shui in ways that will suit every home, no matter what your décor and style.

There's a great section on living positively and with abundance, ideas for meditation, spirituality, purpose in life, expressing gratitude and much more – all part of a happy, healthy, holistic home.

This is a great size book, with beautiful and inspiring photographs – perfect for reading slowly and also for picking up when the need arises! I found so many new ideas and information in this book. Every time I look through it I find new ways to look at my own home and myself – how I can improve the energy flowing through my home, how I can make sure I stay in the right direction to fulfil my dreams and, very importantly, how I can live each day purposefully.

Much more than just another Feng Shui book! I love it and give it a rating of:

Rating: 9/10

If you'd like to buy 'Feng Shui your Life', please click on the link below to order.

February 26th 2007

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