Book Review of: Realms of the Earth Angels, More Information for Incarnated Angels… by Doreen Virtue PhD

Have you ever felt that you just don't fit in? that you want to go home - if only you knew where that was?

Then you are most likely an Earth Angel and 'Realms of the Earth Angels' is a must-read book for you!

An Earth Angel is basically a Light Worker, on who has come to Earth with a Divine Mission.

Depending on which realm you originate from, this mission could range from teaching about the environment, healing, helping other people, working with either abused people or animals, clairvoyance, art etc.

The four main realms that Doreen Virtue has identified are:

  • Incarnated Angels. These people actually look like Angels, are very trusting and loving, can have weight issues and love collecting anything angelic.
  • Incarnated Elementals. Again people of this realm usually resemble fairies, gnomes, pixies etc! They can be extremely concerned for the environment with a mischievous sense of humour and can have quite the temper.
  • Starpeople. They can have unusual crescent shaped eyes, they love technology of all kinds and frequently feel overwhelmed by life while wondering at the same time what their mission is.
  • Wise Ones. These people love the mystical and the magical, can be quite eccentric with highly developed intuition and psychic powers.

In this latest book, Doreen Virtue has also identified many sub-realms; that is, people who are a blend of two realms, such as Knight Paladin, Leprachauns and Mystic Angels.

I found this book absolutely fascinating. Reading the chapter on my own realm (Wise Ones), I totally identified with the physical attributes of this realm, the problems they have integrating with life here on Earth and the interests and recommended profession for Wise Ones.

Each chapter has advice, ideas and help for people of each realm.

For anyone feeling lost, overwhelmed and feeling like they don't belong anywhere, this book will offer comfort and guidance, showing you how to get the most from the life journey you're on and, importantly, how to enjoy it.

I loved this book and I'm giving it:  Rating: 10/10

If you'd like to buy 'Realms of the Earth Angels', click on the link below to order. 


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