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Welcome to Moonslipper's top books about vampires!

"The strength of a vampire is that people will not believe in him."

We love reading here at Moonslipper and these are what we consider the very best of books about vampires. Have a leisurely look around and see if any of them catch your fancy…

The Original: Dracula

The one, the only, the original vampire book and some would say, the best!

Published by Bram Stoker in 1897, the character of Dracula is based on the real life person, Vlad Dracule and is written in diary style.

His idea is to have vampires ruling the world – a chilling thought! Thrilling, scary and a brilliant read.

Dark and spooky book which is the first in a series by author Darren Shan.

A traveling freak show, a giant spider and a famous vampire are just some of the elements that make up this spine-tingling read - it's very hard to put down!

Darren (the author and book narrator) and his friends decide to visit the traveling show "Cirque du Freak" and become immersed in the strange, creepy and dangerous world of Mr. Crepsley, Madame Octo and the other members of the show.


The incredibly popular Twilight series by Stephenie Myer which is so hot at the moment. A brief run-down of the books in this set:

Twilight - Bella Swan moves to a small town and meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious student at her high school who turns out to be a vampire and lives with his family in a fabulous mansion. A romance grows between Bella and Edward – how will it work?

New Moon - Edward and Bella must part and Bella, feeling devastated, meets Jacob Black – but what is his dark secret?

Eclipse - Edward and Bella are back together but who will she choose? Edward or Jacob?

Breaking Dawn - the final book in the series. Edward, Bella and Jacob are all main characters here, with the most burning question - will Bella sacrifice her mortality for an eternity with Edward? These books are so good!

More Books About Vampires

A most chilling novel.

The incredibly evil master vampire Thibor Ferenczy schemes and plots from his burial site in holy ground.

Neither dead nor alive, he uses Boris Dragosani from a Soviet spy agency to release himself, teaching Boris necromancy and other vile skills.

Books about vampires don't get much darker than this. Not for the timid.

This brilliant book has everything a vampire lover could need.

It is a literal A to Z of vampires, wonderful illustrations, mythology, literature plus lists of vampire organizations, publications and websites.

At 960 pages, it's a great book to invest in and will keep you reading for a long time.

Another classic vampire novel by the master, Stephen King.

This one will scare you to bits!

Small town America, secrets, the ghost of a nasty gangster who committed suicide, mysterious murders and vampires!

New Orleans, Paris and vampires – what a combination!

Anne Rice weaves a dark and compelling tale of Lestat, Louis and Claudia, three vampires living off the night life of New Orleans and the blood of the living.

It's difficult to put this book down.

Book one of the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine and it's great!

Claire is a maths genius who is going to be spending two years at the local small college in Morganville, Texas - a town controlled by vampires!

After moving out of her dormitory and in with three new roommates, she learns from the trio that one of the vampire leaders, Monica is out to get her.

Morganville is not a place you want to walk around in after dark! A terrific book.

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