Chinese Dog Horoscope 2013

Welcome to your Chinese Dog Horoscope for 2013!

February 10th marks the beginning of the Year of the Snake and it will be an enjoyable one for the Dog. It has a much steadier and more considered rate of speed which suits the Dog personality well.

 He can plot and plan and see through many of his goals with ease.

However, the Dog must be prepared to seize any opportunities that come up – 2013 will have a few pleasant and interesting surprises up its sleeve!

Having faith in his own abilities will help the Dog considerably in his career this year.

By coming up with new ideas and taking the lead, he will impress at work.

For those self-employed or seeking work, 2013 will have its challenges, but the Dog’s determination and drive will dig out some wonderful offers and projects. March, May and September will all be active times for the Dog’s career.

Socially, the Dog will find many events on his calendar, but being a little reclusive, may not be inclined to attend many. This would not be wise, as socializing with friends and family will provide a healthy balance between work and play and is vital for the Dog’s well being.

Friends made or new romantic partners that are found in 2013 will turn out to be very important relationships. June, August and December will provide the most interesting and fun times.

Financially, this should be an excellent year for those born under the sign of the Dog. Money earned may increase or there could be gift or inheritance.

In 2013, the Dog will enjoy success and considerable progress on all fronts. However, he must make time to enjoy his friends, family and leisure pursuits in order to benefit from all that the Year of the Snake has to offer him.

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