Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2013

Welcome to your Chinese Dragon Horoscope for 2013!

In his own year, 2012, The Dragon will have been happy and productive for the most part. The final couple of months will see an increase in social activities and, indeed, romance!

For the unattached, the end of 2012 could see a new love and lots of romantic excitement.

The Year of the Snake begins on February 10th and Dragons will find it pleasurable and successful, following on their own year.

They are enthusiastic and tend to throw themselves into any project or situation in which they are involved.

This admirable trait will stand to them during 2013.

Most Dragons will remain in their current employment or career during the Year of the Snake. However, their unique skills and strong work ethics will be noticed and considerable advancements can be made.

January, April, September and November are well-starred for career opportunities and promotions. There may be twists and turns during 2013, with some disappointments, but they need to be on the lookout for interesting and positive offers following any setbacks – Dragons will be pleasantly surprised!

There will be plenty of romantic opportunities throughout the Year of the Snake for both the single and attached Dragon. This comes with a warning however. The Dragon must nurture any new or existing love interest as inattention or flippancy can lead to problems. They must remain mindful.

The Dragon is generally very social and outgoing and there will be opportunities to meet new people all through the year. February, May and December will be especially social times.

2013 will be an enjoyable year for many Dragons. They will feel inclined to develop interests and further skills and, as a result, benefit quite nicely financially.

It will be important for him to carefully balance his work and personal life in order to keep himself and his loved ones happy.

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