Chinese Horse Horoscope 2013

Welcome to your Chinese Horse Horoscope for 2013!

Loving variety and change, the Year of the Dragon suited the Horse very well. With its fast pace and surprises, most Horses will have been energized and busy throughout 2012.

 The last few weeks of the year will be busy and very social for the Horse, which he will enjoy immensely.

The Year of the Snake which begins on February 10th will be quite a neutral and pleasant year for the Horse.

He will neither advance nor retreat, but rather establish himself more firmly in the activities he enjoys and also in his career.

This is the year for the Horse to make a name for himself in his career.

Networking, interacting with colleagues and generally becoming more immersed in his work is very well aspected. The months of May, July and November will prove to be very interesting and fortunate regarding work and career.

Financially, in 2013 the Horse must guard against errors in documents, lost paperwork and credit card mistakes. Be aware at all times.

The Year of the Snake is a time for the Horse to step up his fitness regime, clean up his diet and generally take better care of his health. The steadier, slower pace of 2013 will easily allow Horses to do this. Balance and moderation will be key words for the Horse this year.

The social Horse will enjoy a busy time during April, July and December, meeting new friends and possibly enjoying some fun romantic moments. There is a word of caution however. In dealings with all friends and loved ones, the Horse must proceed with care. If this advice is followed, all will be well!

The Year of the Snake will be a quiet one for the Horse, allowing him to make steady progress in all areas of his life. In particular, paying attention to his family and friends will ensure a pleasant and harmonious year with many happy moments.

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