Chinese Ox Horoscope 2013

Welcome to your Chinese Ox Horoscope for 2013!

The Ox will have found 2012 quite fast moving and a little unsettling! But they should be very proud of all accomplishments that they have achieved.

The final couple of months will leave most Oxen feeling a little pressurized, especially at work, but by remaining adaptable they will sail through this period.

The Year of the Snake will be an outstanding one for most Oxen and their outlook, for all parts of their life, is bright and shining! They need to leave the difficulties of 2012 behind and make the most of all opportunities and situations that present themselves to the Ox.

On the work side of life, some Oxen will be considering changing their job or indeed, their career. They must carefully consider what they actually want to do and then go for it!

This is not a time to hang back and see what develops. February, March and June and August will all be auspicious periods for the Ox’s career, presenting positive changes and chances for advancement in their field.

On the social side, 2013 will be very agreeable with many opportunities to socialize. The Ox can find it difficult to bond with new friends or romantic partners, but the Year of the Snake will change all that!

July to September and November will be particularly successful social times. In addition, many Oxen will decide to marry or make a serious commitment this year to someone special.

Financially, this would be a great year for Oxen to take advantage of putting away extra savings, making use of tax incentives and generally being wise about their money. This will reward them tenfold in years to come.

For those Oxen who feel disappointed or weary after 2012, it’s very important to leave those feelings behind as they enter the Year of the Snake.

This can be an outstanding year for the Ox and they should be feeling optimistic and energized as they start 2013.

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