Chinese Rabbit Horoscope 2013

Welcome to your Chinese Rabbit Horoscope for 2013!

As the Year of the Dragon draws to a close, most Rabbits will be breathing a slight sigh of relief! Its hectic pace made most Rabbits uncomfortable and uneasy. The happy social events unfolding during the final months of 2012 will provide a happy and fun respite for most.

The Year of the Snake will be a much improved scenario for the Rabbit, with its more measured and constructive pace.

This will suit the Rabbit very well.

Regarding work and career, his entrepreneurial skills and steadfastness will advance him greatly.

April, May and July and also October will provide interesting and exciting work offers.

The Rabbit may change jobs or career or stay put and be offered a promotion. What he actually does may change slightly which will interest him and show his employer he is flexible and talented. If self-employed the Year of the Snake will bring solid work projects and attention.

Parties and other social events will feature prominently for the Rabbit during 2013, which he will greatly enjoy. March, August and September will be the busiest times and his presence will be in great demand.

A word of caution for 2013 – gossip and rumours may abound which greatly trouble the Rabbit. He will need to be cautious and must not engage in any such behaviour – this could prove troublesome otherwise.

Financially it will be an excellent year for those born under the sign of the Rabbit. This may be linked to their work advancement or due to a windfall or gift. Using their keen intuition, they should try to use the money carefully, reducing borrowings or investing wisely.

Also a couple of little trips away during 2013 would not go amiss for most Rabbits!

The Year of the Snake will be a fine year for the Rabbit, helping him to achieve his goals and act on any smart ideas he may have regarding his career or finances.

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