Chinese Rat Horoscope 2013

Welcome to your Chinese Rat Horoscope for 2013!

For most Rats, 2012 will have seen good progress on all fronts as Dragon years are usually quite encouraging. A lot of those born under this sign will have been supporting partners and friends through positive changes and secretly wondering, when will their time come?

The Year of the Snake which begins on 10th of February will be one of slow, yet steady success.

The Rat must put their impatience to one side in 2013.

Lack of opportunities could prove very irritating for Rats but there will be numerous opportunities to train and gain further skills and to build a foundation for 2014.

The Year of the Snake can also throw up surprises and interesting twists and turns, they shouldn't relax too much!

On the career front, the final six months of the Snake year will be the most positive, but March and April will bring forward some attractive offers and meetings leading to career advancement.

For those involved in the arts, writing and generally anything creative, the month of June onwards will be very exciting and fun. What the Rat does from this time forward is building strong foundations for 2014.

Healthwise, the Rat must look after their well-being in 2013. More exercise, better diet and increased rest and relaxation are essential. It will be a busy year and the Rat has to ensure they will be able to handle all the challenges that come their way during the next few months. A tired Rat is a grumpy Rat!

A very positive aspect of the Year of the Snake for Rats is personal interaction and romance! May through August and November and December will be particularly memorable months for social events and romantic get-togethers.

For single Rats, while romance will be in focus, they must remain attentive and caring, or the path of true love will not run smoothly.

2013 will be a challenging yet rewarding year in the end for most Rats. The final few months could see a real upturn in fortunes on all fronts for most people born under this sign.

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