Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2013

Welcome to your Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2013!

Those born under the sign of the Rooster will have found the Year of the Dragon most invigorating with his wit and skills in much demand. The final few weeks of 2012 will find the Rooster busy with his career and with some exciting social events to attend.

 It should be a fine end to a successful year for the Rooster.

The Year of the Snake starts on February 10th and for the Rooster it will be another positive year, providing he can be tactful throughout.

His ability to get along with others will be tested this year, as his forthrightness could land him in hot water.

A cool head, focus and discretion should be his bywords in 2013 to ensure a pleasant year.

The Rooster can make significant progress in his career during 2013 providing he makes use of any opportunities that come his way.

Those involved in the arts, or anyone self-employed, could be offered lucrative contracts or projects. April, June and November will be bright months for career advancement and promotions.

The Rooster is known for being diligent and a hard worker, often pushing himself to the limit. In the Year of the Snake, he needs to strike a careful balance between work and play. Plenty of rest and relaxation combined with good food and exercise will help him through any challenges he may face in 2013.

On a romantic level, single Roosters may find the person of their dreams and may meet them through friends or a social occasion. March, April and October will be especially busy times for social engagement and fun with friends.

The Year of the Snake will be a steady year for the Rooster, possibly not as exciting as he might like, but success on all levels is there for him to enjoy.

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