Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2013

Welcome to your Chinese Tiger Horoscope for 2013!

2012 will have been a successful and busy year for most Tigers. During the final months of the Year of the Dragon, they need to slow down, calm down and relax, or they could risk serious burnout!

As the Year of the Snake begins in 2013, most Tigers will be full of bounce and enthusiasm, but this year requires a more sedate pace.

The Tiger may feel he is being held back, but it is the perfect opportunity for him to plan and also enjoy the year as it unfolds.

Career-wise, the Tiger may find the pace slow or even, unmoving.

This is ok!

The Tiger can build up new skills and training which in turn will consolidate his future in a most positive way. Many born under the sign of the Tiger will not be considering any new positions, but for those intent on changing jobs, there could be very important opportunities.

If they are amenable to stretching their job skills and being flexible and whole host of offers could come flooding in.

February, September and December will all be significant times regarding career.

Socially, the Tiger will be busy as usual. There is a warning however. Romance may be rocky as jealousy appears, or there may be disagreements with friends. Using discretion, attention and thoughtfulness, these unpleasant situations can definitely be avoided.

July through September and December will be the busiest social months, providing much fun and pleasure to Tigers.

Travel will also feature for some Tigers, an activity which they greatly enjoy and look forward to. August and October will be particularly auspicious times for any Tiger trips.

In conclusion, most Tigers will find the Year of the Snake very pleasant, but with a slower pace that may frustrate some. They would do well to make the most of this, enjoying pastimes, travel and taking time to stop and smell the roses along the way.

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