Chinese Zodiac Books

Here are some of the best new Chinese Zodiac books that will keep you informed on your prospects for health, love, and success in the Year of the Horse, regardless of which sign you were born in.

Our Chinese Zodiac Book Suggestions

Some of these cover all the signs for the year, others are specific to a particular sign for the year.

There are printed book options as well as e-books, so whichever format you prefer, you can find something for exploring your sign and horoscope.

The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes

This book explains the origins and history of the ancient Chinese Zodiac and lunar calendar and it's cycles.

Any book that is published in multiple editions is sure to be popular, and this one is in its 7th Edition.

It is available in both print and Kindle formats: The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes 7th edition

The Monkey in 2014: Your Chinese Horoscope

I was born under the sign of the Monkey, topic of this Kindle book, but you can go here to find the guide for your sign and what's in store for you in this Year of the Horse, 2014.

Your Chinese Horoscope in 2014

This book is a best seller in Eastern Astrology, also by Neil Somerville.

Explore horoscopes for all signs of the Chinese Zodiac for this Year of the Horse.

Available in Kindle format for instant download or look for the print edition through Amazon's Prime for fast delivery.

Moonslipper's 2014 Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Year of the Horse

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