The Chinese Zodiac

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Tzu"

 I find the background to the Chinese Zodiac really fascinating!

Reputedly Buddha asked the animals of the Earth to meet him for the New Year festivities, but only twelve animals showed up at his party.

Buddha decided to bestow a tremendous reward to each of these twelve animals and named a year after all of them.

The Horoscope years also appear in the order in which the animal guests arrived. If you aren't sure of your sign, start by taking a look at our Chinese Astrology Year Table to find out which Horoscope animal you are.

The Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for 2015

Chinese Zodiac Sheep or Goat SignYear of the Sheep or Goat

2015 is the Year of the Sheep or Goat. Find out what the new year has in store for you with these Chinese Horoscope 2015 articles.

For those born under the Rat sign 2015 could be a difficult year.

Those under the sign of the Ox will have an easy-going year in 2015.

This is a very positive year for the Tiger sign in 2015.

Opportunities are key for the Rabbit in 2015, so don’t be shy.

In 2015 Dragons will need to pace themselves to keep up with everything.

The key for Snakes in 2015 is all about managing energy.

This is a happy year for the Horse sign, but pay attention to health.

For the Sheep (Goat) take a few chances but watch out for negative energy.

This year brings a positive turn for the Monkey sign in the Year of the Sheep.

Those under the Rooster sign will be doing a a lot of planning and may feel a bit restless this year.

This is a year to focus on your social connections and personal life for the Dog sign.

Friendships and learning new things are the focus for Pig this year.

The Chinese Zodiac Horoscope in 2014

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope in 2014 – what is in the stars for you?

picture of a Chinese Zodiac Horse© András Peteron

Ancient legend states that those born under the sign of a particular animal would receive a mixture of good and bad characteristics of that animal.

Also, each Chinese year is influenced by whatever animal it falls in.

Here you will find an comprehensive and positive forecast for 2014, the Year of the Horse. You'll also learn what characteristics you should let dazzle throughout the coming year!

The Year of the Horse started on January 31st 2014 coinciding with the New Moon – very auspicious!

Horse years favour activity, movement and new experiences. It's a year in which secrets come to light, wrongs are made right and humanity's interest in all things spiritual will rise to unforeseen heights.

Let's take a look at each animal, their major personality traits and what the prospects are for 2014, the Year of the Horse.

The Rat

The Rat's family is absolutely his number one priority, followed closely by long-standing friends. His charm is legendary which attracts many friends and acquaintances, of which only a few will be considered close. The Rat's attention span can be very short. He is also tremendously curious and loves to indulge in what he considers harmless gossip. Those born under the sign of the Rat are smooth-talkers, cultured and very intelligent. His most auspicious colors are violet, white and black. Winter is his season, garnet is his Chinese Zodiac gem, narcissus is the Rat's significant flower and he is at his best between 10 pm and 1 am.

Forecast for 2014 The Year of the Horse which begins on January 31st will be one of slow, yet steady success. The Rat must put their impatience to one side in 2014... Read more>>>

The Ox

Of all the signs, the Ox makes the ultimate best friend. They are very placid and kindly souls but will definitely display an uncharacteristic anger when under pressure. The creative side of life, in particular music, is a very soothing activity for them. The Ox is practical, intellectual and very house proud. Family bliss and a dedicated life partner are supremely important to him. A special Chinese Zodiac flower for the Ox is the carnation, his luckiest time of year is winter and yellow, olive and gray are his best colors. His Zodiac gem is the beautiful Aquamarine and his energy is optimum between midnight and 4 am.

Forecast for 2014 This is not the year to be cautious for the Ox. He needs to use his talents and skills to their utmost advantage. ... Read more...

The Tiger

The Tiger is one of the most extroverted and entertaining of the Chinese Zodiac animals! While quite flamboyant and fun, Tigers can also be a little tight-fisted. Their emotions and feelings can run hot and cold, leaving friends and family wondering what on earth is going on! Tigers are totally genuine, but can be quite hesitant and headstrong in their day to day dealings. Friendship with a Tiger is to be valued, as it is usually for a lifetime. The Tiger's stone is the sapphire, their flower is the violet and they sparkle between 3 am and 6 am – party time! Winter is the Tiger's best time of year and their Chinese Zodiac colors are blue, gold and aqua.

Forecast for 2014 During the Year of the Horse many Tigers will have good financial luck, possibly in the form of a windfall or gift... Read more>>>

The Rabbit

The Rabbit is renowned for being the most charmed of the Chinese Zodiac animals. Their gracious and loving nature ensures they are never short of party invites, which is good as they absolutely adore being in the spotlight and holding court! Rabbits can be quite conservative however and sometimes can be considered a little bit boring. However, their inscrutable nature makes up for this, making them very beguiling and attractive. The Rabbit's colors are silver, white and pale green and his gemstone is the pearl. Spring is his best season and the jonquil is his flower. The Rabbit's energy is optimum between 5 and 7 am.

Forecast for 2014 Overall, 2014 will be a rewarding, albeit fast-moving year for the Rabbit, not something he is entirely comfortable with... Read more>>>

The Dragon

Dragons are thought to be very lucky throughout their life, which is usually long and healthy. They are tenacious, full of energy and very confident. However, they do need watch their rather harsh wit which can be interpreted as being snooty and pretentious. Dragons will normally succeed at whatever they do. Their most favourable time of the year is spring with the sweet pea being their Chinese Zodiac blossom. The amethyst is the Dragon's gemstone, with gold and purple being their best colors. Their most fortunate time of the day is between 8 and 10 am.

Forecast for 2014 The Dragon will find the Year of the Horse a very positive and promising time, if he can concentrate and keep his eye on the prize... Read more>>>

The Snake

The Snake is outstandingly charming and witty and definitely delights in the finer things of life. The Snake does tend to feel that he knows best and doesn't like to be put down in any way. Money comes easily to him and he can overindulge in frivolous purchases and the occasional wager. He can also show a strong interest in the metaphysical and the mysterious. The Snake is seductive, funny and a trustworthy friend. He operates well between 8 and 10 am and summer is his favourite season. Burnished gold, dark green and brown are the Snake's colors, with the opal his Chinese Zodiac gem and the passionflower his plant.

Forecast for 2014 The Snake will find the Year of the Horse busy and challenging. While not overly fond of changes and challenges, these should be viewed as stunning opportunities... Read more>>>

The Horse

The Horse is one of the most fun-loving signs of the Chinese Zodiac. They're amusing, alluring and generally very pleasing to look at! The Horse is extremely loyal to his friends and family and usually provides endless sources of entertainment. On the downside, they can be unpredictable, self-centered and rather irritable. Their significant flower is the rose and their best time of year is summer. The Horse's gem is the golden topaz and the most advantageous time of day for them is between 10 am and 1 pm. Their colors are yellow, white and olive green.

Forecast for 2014 2014 can be an outstandingly good year for the Horse, providing he thinks carefully before he acts – in all areas of his life... Read more>>>

The Goat

The Goat is quite mysterious, able to charm a person, yet not showing any of his real thoughts and emotions. A true enigma! They are for the most part very creative and positive, and can manage to bring ideas and plans to light without much effort at all. However, the Goat doesn't have much patience, they don't like dealing with problems and can be very childish. The Goat tends to favour the early summer months and his colors are aqua, green and silver. His particular flower is the larkspur and his Chinese Zodiac gemstone is the emerald. The Goat works well between 12 noon and 2 pm.

Forecast for 2014 This will be a busy year and by taking the initiative and staying involved in what is going on around him, the Goat can make 2014 a golden year... Read more>>>

The Monkey

The Monkey always has to have something on the go and his eventful life will always be interesting and changeable. He is very like his animal counterpart, being intelligent, impish and full of beans! The Monkey can get fed up and tired once he is asked to concentrate on a task, making him petulant and rather wearisome. They are excellent at handling financial affairs. The gladiola is the Monkey's flower and the late summer is appealing to him. The Peridot is his stone with purple, white and pink his lucky colors. The Monkey is at his best between 3 and 6 pm.

Forecast for 2014 For the Monkey, the Year of the Horse can be a positive time with many of his personal goals achieved ... Read more>>>

The Rooster

The Rooster loves attention and adoration, and usually gets it! He is supremely dedicated to his family and makes a fantastic friend and life partner as well. The Rooster usually imparts his wisdom to anyone within earshot and can be insensitive to the feelings of others at times. They are flamboyant and creative and usually in great demand around the holiday season for their wit and entertaining nature. The Rooster's colors are orange and all shades of green and the citrine is his Chinese Zodiac gemstone. The autumn months are beneficial to him. The most favourable time of the day for the Rooster is between 6 and 8 pm.

Forecast for 2014 The Year of the Horse will be a fast paced and encouraging one for the Rooster. There may be a once-off payment or bonus... Read more>>>

The Dog

The Dog is one of the most conscientious and honourable signs of the Chinese Zodiac. They are tenacious and will see a task through right to the end, no matter how long it takes. The Dog is wonderfully in tune with friends and family and any advice he gives is usually gratefully received. However, they can be negative in their thinking, reclusive and quite dogmatic. To have the Dog as your friend is a gift indeed. Their special blossom is the marigold and their colors are cherry red, silver and white. The Dog functions best between 7 and 9 pm and the autumn months are their most fortuitous time. The diamond is their Chinese Zodiac stone.

Forecast for 2014 For the most part, all Dogs will find the Year of the Horse busy and interesting – which they will thrive on... Read more>>>

The Pig

The Pig is a very charming, loveable and fun character. They are very bright and knowledgeable about most things, but do not like to advertise this fact. The Pig can be quite morose and hypersensitive, bringing everyone's mood down in a split second! Despite not caring much for material things or money, they are actually one of the luckiest Chinese Zodiac animals. They absolutely love parties and chatting with friends. The early autumn months appeal to the Pig and he shines between 8 and 11 pm. The ruby is his Chinese Zodiac stone, purple and red are his colors and the chrysanthemum is the Pig's special bloom.

Forecast for 2014 The Pig will find 2014 very satisfying and quite a bit of fun. There may be quite a few changes happening... Read more>>>

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