The Dragon Horoscope for
The Year of the Sheep

The Dragon horoscope for 2015, Year of the Sheep, predicts it will be a busy year for the intense Dragon. Though you may experience some bumps, you are well positioned to turn negatives in to positives this year.

It is advised that you start no new ventures, but rather bring detail and perfection to existing projects.

Enterprising Dragon can have difficulty with this and prefers to start many new things before finishing any.

However, this is not a year to spread yourself too thin.

Stay focused on what is currently in the works and get well rested.

The Dragon Horoscope: Career

Chinese Zodiac DragonSign of the Dragon

This is a good year for Dragons in their careers. Your job will be demanding but you will see opportunity for advancement.

The energy is right for Dragons to spend time brainstorming. Your innovative nature will serve you and your company well, as you are quick to solve any problems that arise.

Wealth Outlook for the Dragon Sign

No opportunities to gain wealth will present themselves this year, so the Dragon must be wise with money.

Travel is advised only in local areas, but will be a positive experience as long as you do not splurge or travel too far.

If you absolutely must invest, do not do so without first consulting with a professional. Heed any advice that they give you.

The Dragon and Relationships in 2015

Dragons should be alert of what they say and to whom they say it in 2015, as gossip is a risk.

Pay extra attention to your family in this year and be sure that you give them enough of your time.

This is not a year for romantic pursuits, but for steadying existing loves, whether they be with a partner or with family and close friends.

Health Outlook for the Dragon

Hard work in the career area can have an adverse effect on your health. Ensure you are spending time resting.

Dragon’s intensity can create high emotions which can, in turn, cause stress on the body. Rather than hitting the gym for a hard workout to match the intensity of your personality, add yoga and meditation to your routine.

Eat a diet of whole, healthy foods and avoid grease and junk food.

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