The Effects of Full Moon Energy

Full Moon Energy is at its strongest at times when the moon is full. But what exactly is it?

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon directly oppose each other, and this opposition between the two big luminaries of the sky creates a certain unbalance.

It's like we're in the middle of a strong magnetic field and lose balance as soon as we try to move out.

We tend to have accidents - whether it's a fall or a car crash.

On a full moon night I slipped on a patch of ice in the street, fell and broke my arm.

Not unsurprisingly, when I arrived at the hospital the surgeons were really busy - there had been two traffic accidents that afternoon and evening.

Another effect of the tension of the full Moon is violent outbreaks.

moon sequence

Especially where there are religious and ethnic conflicts, like in northern Ireland and the Middle East, there tend to be a peak in violence close to full Moon.

And watch your own irritation at full Moon! Isn't this when you easily snap at your kids or husband, or generally tend to feel tense? It's common to suffer from insomnia by full Moon and I've found that people with a strong Moon influence in their natal chart, for instance a person with the Sun, Moon or ascendant in Cancer, is more likely to not be able to sleep.

Full Moon Energy is Actually Well-Known To Us

We all know the word lunatic. It comes from the Latin word for Moon, luna. Someone who's lunatic is full of full Moon. Restless, nervous, tense, violent, angry. Mad, mad, mad. French law used to excuse a person who committed a crime at full Moon (or at least so rumours say). It was like he wasn't quite at his senses - and it wasn't his fault. The full Moon was to blame. Actually, the word mood in French, luné also origins from Latin luna. So they say a person is in bad or good moon, not mood.

A person who's born at full Moon will have Sun Moon opposition in the natal chart - which is a bit like carrying a full Moon inside you. The person tends to be restless and always discontent, never satisfied, wanting something, not knowing what. But this frustration also creates a strong drive, and subjects with Sun Moon opposition are very often great achievers.

Finally, it's just a myth that more babies are born on full Moon! A study of several thousands of births in the hospital in my hometown Trondheim showed no connection between the phases of the Moon and births. Thank God, I'd add. We don't want too many people in this world with Sun Moon opposition in their birth chart - that would just lead to too much stress, tension and violence!

Copyright© Tove Cecilie Fasting

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