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You've seen Moonslipper's own page of world-renowned ghost pictures, now we want to see your ghost photos. Send them in and your pictures will be featured on this page, too!

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We know there are video cameras, cell phones and regular old cameras out there that have paranormal images on them that haven't even been spotted yet!

Also, be sure to check through any old family photographs or picture albums - the most amazing ghost images have turned up on vintage photos.

If you're into ghosts and all things paranormal, always take pictures when you're out and about -you never know what you'll catch on camera!

Paranormal images are caught at any time of the day or night and in any location.

Simple tips for good ghost pictures

picture of a real scary ghost
  • Make sure your camera lens is clean - basic but important!
  • At night-time in particular, and also in cold temperatures, make sure your breath isn't affecting the image. It can look very like ectoplasm or the early formation of a ghost!
  • Don't have a lit cigarette in the vicinity and make sure all hair is tied back or under a hat. Also, keep that camera strap and all fingers and thumbs out of the way.
  • Always tell someone where you are and make sure you have someone with you - stay safe.
  • Keep taking pictures - the more images you have, the more likely you will have caught something interesting!

Don't forget to check out our archived Ghost Photos of 2008, Ghost Photos of 2009, Ghost Photos of 2010, Ghost Photos of 2011 and Ghost Photos of 2012, - every year they just get better and better!

Have you got a Real Ghost Picture?

Do you have a real ghost picture that you'd like to share? We've created this page on Moonslipper just for our visitor's own ghost pictures. We love the paranormal, the spooky, the mystical - send in your pictures now and share them with us!

Please note: Due to the large amount of submissions we receive, it can take up to two weeks for your photo to appear on Moonslipper.

Photo submissions and comments cannot be removed after they go live on reserves the right to choose which photographic submissions appear on this website. also reserves the right to edit or delete visitor's comments.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Ghosts and Children 
I was glancing through some pics on an older Facebook album I uploaded a little over a year ago when I saw this photo I took a year ago in my old backyard. …

Ghosts Around the House 
Fantastic photo from Kel in Australia, which was lightened slightly (we have the original on file) - check out the swirling ectoplasm and small ball of …

From Our Ghost Trackers Not rated yet
This is on my wedding day! Daylight no flash

Your Selected Ghost Captures set 1 Not rated yet
I took this picture and zoomed in on a figure i saw on the right side of the legger cemetery in irwin pa. at 2am on Saturday August 23, 2014. Creepy

More Ghosts Photos from Readers Not rated yet
My boss's daughter sent this picture to him this afternoon after she has been telling him she has been "having problems" . Since he is not internet …

Collection of Extra Creepy Ghost and Spirits by readers Not rated yet
I know nothing about this picture that I found while looking for ghost pictures on the web. I would assume that a camera was set up to catch whoever was …

Ghosts from Past Times Not rated yet
May, 2013 my spouse bought me a new camera, so I invited my sister out to the wildlife park to snap photos. I took a friend along and she wanted to try …

Orbs All Around Us! Not rated yet
This is another photo that I took of our tree. This is a totally different house nowhere near the other Christmas 1991 photo was taken. Again this was …

Another Great Paranormal Collection Not rated yet
Photo I recently took of a grave of my cousins' grandparents who died in 1959 and 1960. There is an image of a dog from a plant which is growing from under …

Ghostly Places Not rated yet
On April 23,2013 my family and I visited Savannah Ga. and we visited the old cemetery down town right before sunset and our son took four pictures on my …

Spirits, Lights and Energy Not rated yet
Face of Jesus on tree trunk in Belfast Ireland

Ghosts in the Family Not rated yet
I was in the kitchen and I heard the clinking of my dogs collar, but my new dog Chester was outside and it was coming from the other side of the kitchen! …

Smoke and Misty Ghosts Not rated yet
This is a photo that my friend captured of me in Athens, Ohio on the nature walk at the tuberculosis ward. Its amazing I dont know if it was fog or what …

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