Ghostly image appears in the snow.

by Suki Ghatore
(Cippenham, Slough, England)

Spooky, strange weird or wonderful

Spooky, strange weird or wonderful

Dear Moonslipper team

Please find attached photograph I took at my front doorstep during the snowfall on 5th January 2010 at 22.00hrs.

Location: Cippenham; Slough, England

Twenty photo's were taken within 5 minutes.

This is Photo No.2 where a ghostly image appeared which has & spooked & excited my family & I. When I took this photo I also experienced something very strange, weird & unnatural.

Below, I have explained how the exact events took place leading to this strange happening including a brief summary.

This may sound crazy & unbelievable to many.. but this is the way it happened...

I was very ill this day,suffering from a asthma combined with a chest infection finding it difficult to breathe.

At around 22.00 or just after, I was in the bedroom playing the guitar when my wife Jessie came to and said "Come on, lets check out the snow"

For a second I hesitated whether to go or not; then said "mmm Ok lets go"

I grabbed up my digital camera (Casio Exilm 5.0 mega pixel) and followed Jessie downstairs.

I opened the front door; Jessie stood behind me.
The two of us faced looking outward admiring the view; the snow falling and settling in the silent well-lit street.

I took the camera out, turned slightly to the left and snapped the first photograph. I had a look at the screen to see how it came out, then turned to the right, raised & stretched my arms out straight, above head level to get a shot just above my car, then took another snap. In the same instant as I snapped, I felt a very fierce breeze/force across my face, forcing it to the right, pushing my left cheek in. I had to almost shut my eyes & for a couple of seconds I was stunned; I could not move my head. I was not facing the camera when I took it..

I noticed on the camera display a white misty figure. I swore "What the ....." Immediately I called my wife who was about a foot behind me"Jessie Jessie, check this out"

She replied" Oh my God!"

Within 10-15 seconds I took the third photo in the same position/angle, but the photo was fine.
In the five minutes that followed, I managed to snap another 17 photographs (until the battery died) in the same direction & surrounding area to see if this image would appear again but all the photos were fine.

I checked the road; there was no strong wind, just a light breeze; nobody was around, the street was completely empty & car engines were turned off, there was no smoke or steam.

We decided to go back inside and have a look at the photographs & talk about what just happened.
The both of us were excited & freaked out at the same time.

I said "It's very strange, I felt a fierce breeze/force across my face..

I took out the memory card, uploaded the photographs on the computer and had a better look.
The both of us could not believe what appeared on the second photo.

We got in touch with some family & friends and told them what happened. They said email the picture so we can have a look.

They too were also shocked & exited by this image. You have definitely got some ghostly figure they said. We all communicated with each other, back & fourth for a couple of hours talking about the experience.

Jessie & I were not scared or frightened, just freaked out by the experience. As you can guess we did not get much sleep for the few nights that followed.

Friends and family invited us to stay with them, but we refused and said "we still have to go back home and deal with our experience."

The response has been amazing with positive & negative feedback from friends, family, colleagues at work, neighbours & the general public, paranormal groups, facebook & journalists.. Some people say it is done on photo shop; it is smoke, steam, condensation, breath or a reflection. Surprisingly; more people believe it is a spirit materialising/manifesting.. Just a few examples of what people think it is; good & bad spirits, angel, nun, grim reaper, guardian angel, phantom, captured an a moment in time, something in another dimension, alien like figure, a Jinn(Arabic spirit) some say they can see a dog?

Regarding the theory of breath, smoke, steam etc.; I am open minded but still not convinced. I got together with a couple of friends to re-in act & do our own little investigation on how I snapped the photographs that particular night. Obviously we cannot re-create the whole event but a few things leave us puzzled:

1. The image on the photo is too defined & well constructed for it to be smoke, breath, steam, and condensation.

2. I was short of breath; I would have had to breathe out over two feet in front & above head level to get my breath to the camera.

3. I was inside the house, only my hands were outside when I took the first few photos

4. The timing from photo 1 to photo 2 and 3 was quick & sudden.

5. We took a few photos with breath & smoke but they were too smoky and not defined & nothing like the image.

6. In the same instant I took the second photo (ghostly) I felt a very fierce breeze/force across my face; like a hand held against my face, forcing it to the right, pushing my left cheek in. I had to almost shut my eyes & for a couple of seconds I was stunned & could not move my head. (I was not facing the camera when I took the photo)

7. Who or what was the breeze/force?

8. There was calm, only a very light breeze when I stepped out in the driveway & road, no smoke, steam, gas, or exhaust fumes?

9. If it was breath, why is it not in the other photos?

10. My wife was about 2 feet behind me when I took the first few photos; it's definitely not her breath.

Spooky, strange, weird or wonderful?

Thank you for reading..

Suki Ghatore

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Jul 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

This is your breath, if its snowing outside then it is obviously cold enough to show your breath, easy. I dont understand why so many people do not realise this

May 14, 2010
Oh come on
by: Anonymous

Snow. Breath. Those two things and nothing more.

Mar 14, 2010
by: Suki

Thanks Linda & Katsy

It interesting how people have their own interpretation of these images. A new one I have heard is 'Snow Queen'
I am facinated about the Indian shaman.
Linda; thinking about what wrote, you may be right that I was supposed to see this spirit.
I definately believe this was for a reason. The question remains 'why'?
May be one day we will get the answer.

This is getting a lot more interesting.


I will tune into Coast to Coast..

Mar 12, 2010
Yes I see the skull
by: katzy

Hi Suki

That is quite the picture. I stared at it again for a few minutes and the longer you stare at it the more you see. Yes I see the skull in front of the image. At first Ithought maybe it was a saint giving you a blessing but it looks like a wave and I am trying to rule out any benevolent ghost. Who wants that!
When I got the orbs in a picture I took I started to look at all the other pictures taken at the same time. It was the only one. I guess we get these images in a split second when they are unaware. Maybe they don't want to be seen. Hmm makes you wonder and think some more. I too enjoy this topic and listen often to "Coast to Coast" radio in the evenings. Have you listened to that show. It deals with all supernatural phenomenon with guest speakers and call ins. Just google coast to coast to see when its on near you.

Keep us all posted on any other images you might capture. Thanks Katzy

Mar 11, 2010
indian shaman
by: linda

i see an indian shaman. he has long hair and seem to be a wise and powerful sage. what a wonderful image you have caught. it seems you were meant to see this special warrior spirit or else you would not have been impelled to leave the house. you seem to be guided to use your inner wisdom and greater good. i wish you joy and blessings...

Mar 03, 2010
Ghostly image appears in the snow
by: Suki Ghatore

Hi Katzy

Thank you for your comment..
I know this sounds crazy but I am still freaked out by this(in a cool way). When I felt this breeze/force I was stunned, especially my head, face & neck. I was not looking at the camera, but I managed to snap.
This is so weird, I wish you could see the display on the camera, it is so visible and defined.
I have always had a slight interest in the unexplained but since this strange happening I have not stopped exploring the paranormal, unkown, mysteries etc.. I have looked at many photos which were taken in cold weather(snow) and not one looks like this.
Many people have said it is a woman, either a nun, or an angel. Some people can see two figures; if stand back and keep staring, there is a skull like figure infront of the lady(were the snow is very shiny)
I have had a fantastic response & mixed bag of opinions; more people believe that it is possible to be paranormal.
Many paranormal groups have said it closest thing it could be is breath but are still stumped & it is easy to debunk such photos.
Paranormal video/photographer (Chris Halton of Haunted Earth) said it is too well constructed to be breath. One investigator(cameraman) said "The more I look at this photo the more paranormal it looks, & another said "Paranormal or not, this is a unique photograph"
I am currently trying to find out about the history of my house. I moved here in 2007; it is a 1930's built house. The other thing is there has been a few spooky goings on.
There are so many stories to tell.. I can go on and on...

Thanks again..

Mar 02, 2010
Interesting picture
by: Katzy

Hi At first I thought it was your breath or smoke or something like that. It is creepy though. It seems the hand is up. Yikes. I wonder why it was there. Good picture though. You said you felt something when you went outside. I wonder why it was only in the one shot. Hmm makes one wonder doesn't it. I wonder if it will show up again some day. Any history of your house that you know of that would attract a spirit to visit?

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