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All the latest solutions for ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night!

Haunted Families

Ghosts in the family, pictures of their ghosts sent in by readers.

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Spell Bottles

Spell Bottles from Moonslipper

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A Submitter's Photos Were Discovered!

Exciting News for Moonslipper fans!

For all of our readers who share their paranormal experiences, ghost photos and stories, I wanted to share something exciting with you.

We were contacted by a TV host from a popular ghost show who wanted to speak with one of our contributors! The request was to get in touch with the person who submitted a particular set of ghost photos in regards to a project the show is working on.

So for all of you who submit photos and stories, be sure you include a contact email in case your photos get discovered!

If we hear of any developments on this project, we’ll definitely share more.

The Chinese Zodiac Horoscope in 2015

The Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for 2015, as well as past years. What does the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) hold for you?

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"Leave Me Alone"

It was hot on the second floor of my apartment, so I decided to nap on the first floor where it was cool. I was 3 minutes into my nap when I was shook

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The Paranormal Shop at Moonslipper

The Paranormal Shop at Moonslipper is a great place to find specially selected merchandise including t-shirts, posters, and more.

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Am I Dying Or Having A Message Sent To Me?

I hope you can help me make some logical sense out of what I am about to explain. My health failing and death or dying is the only things I can relate

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Best Ghost Pictures

Moonslipper's Best Ghost Pictures: The photos and stories in these collections were submitted by our kind readers.

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Proof of an Afterlife?

Do you have proof of an afterlife? Have you experienced remarkable out of body experiences or other paranormal happenings that convinced you? Let's discuss

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Most Frightening Ghost Pictures

The Most Frightening Ghost Pictures of 2010 including an ambulance ghost, mansions filled with ghosts, and ghosts in the snow.

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My Son and the Afterlife Book Review

Book review My Son and the Afterlife by Elisa Medhus, M.D. After her son's suicide, the non-believing Dr Medhus discovers there is spirit life after death.

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There is Good and Evil in this world!!

I made some changes in my life and I am sure they are the right ones. Through my years of growing up I was raised in the belief through my Eskimo Heritage

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Halloween Superstitions

A Halloween countdown, a recipe for soul cakes, and interesting superstitions, updated for 2014. Get in the mood for Samhain All Hallow's Eve.

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Magic of the Moon

Magic of the Moon - how to use the powerful Moon energy

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The Fairy Princess

The Doctor and The Fairy Princess

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Magical Recipes

Moonslipper's Magical Recipes page

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Divination and Fortune Telling

Find out about every method of Divination and Fortune Telling there is!

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Reading the I Ching

Reading the I Ching - my personal tips and recommendations

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Your Ghost Pictures

Your Ghost Pictures - send them in for publication!

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In The Company of Angels

In The Company of Angels - what you need to know about the angelic realm.

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Chinese Astrology Year Table

Consult the Chinese Astrology Year Table to find out which sign you were born under in the Chinese Zodiac. Which animal sign rules your future? Let's see!

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fairy and fantasy art

Our handpicked gallery of the best Fairy and Fantasy Art available.

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